The Catalaunian Fields is the fifth scenario in the Attila the Hun campaign in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. It is based on the Battle of the Catalaunian Fields.

The scenario is similar to a deathmatch, as all players begin with lots of resources.

Scenario instructions Edit

Starting conditions Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Defeat the Romans, Alans, and Visigoths.

Hints Edit

  1. This battle will play like a Death Match. Prepare for attack almost immediately, but don't forget to collect resources to replenish your losses.

Scouts Edit

  • Your scouts report: The Huns (yellow) and their allies, the Ostrogoths (red), occupy the right-hand side of the battlefield.
  • The Romans (blue) and their allies, the Visigoths (green) and Alans (cyan), are drawn up across the creek on the left-hand side of the battlefield.
  • The embattled Franks (gray) have been caught in the middle of the battle, and will soon be defeated. Their fate is none of the Huns' concern.
  • Among your enemies, the Romans are the most dangerous. Their infantry, Cataphracts, and siege weapons will initially try and hit the Ostrogoths on the Huns' flank. The Visigoths train Huskarls and some cavalry, while the Alans are composed mostly of Spearmen and Archers.

Players Edit

Player Edit

  • Player (Huns): The player starts with no buildings (but a few Sheep) in a central-eastern position on the map. The river separates the player and their ally, the Ostrogoths, from the enemies.

Allies Edit

  • Ostrogoths (Goths): The Ostrogoths start with a small encampment just north of the player's starting position. They field Knights and Men-at-Arms.

Neutral Edit

  • Franks (Franks): The Franks have some abandoned settlements and Farms scattered across the map. As they cannot train any units and have no army to begin with (except for a lonely Scout Cavalry and Battering Ram), they play no role in this scenario.

Enemies Edit

  • Alans (Vikings): Alans is a small town in the central east. They attack mainly with Cavalry Archers and Battering Rams.
  • Western Roman Empire (Byzantines): The Western Roman Empire has a town at the northwestern part of the map. They are the strongest opponent. They attack with Cataphracts, Champions, and Scorpions. They defend themselves with Castles which they rebuild when they get destroyed.

Strategy Edit

The first thing to do right away is build an army as quick as possible. The player should a Villager to construct a Town Center and after doing that, create more Villagers to construct a lot of military buildings so the player can create an army quickly. The army should consist of some Light Cavalry and Tarkans and a lot of Cavalry Archers. While doing this, send the scout to explore the map and locate the enemy bases.

After the army has been created, send the Villagers to collect resources. Deploy the army near Alans' base. Take some Villagers along. Then near Alans' town, construct a Castle. Alans should respond immediately and start attacking the Castle. Set the army's position to defensive and send them only to attack siege weapons. Replenish the army every time some of them are killed. While 're doing all of this, don't forget to advance to the Imperial Age as it will make things easier.

Soon, Alans will be drained out and will send fewer and fewer units, and the player must take them down quickly if they're starting to stop sending military units. Next is the Visigoths. Use the same tactic as against the Alans but this time, build some towers behind the Castle for extra attacks against the enemy's Huskarls. Send the cavalry immediately against their siege weapons before they do much damage to the Castle.

At last is the Western Roman Empire. If the player still has a lot of resources, create some Cavaliers as they are more durable than Hussars. Attack the Western Roman Empire from two sides so their army will be drained much quicker and they cannot rebuild their base elsewhere when it is destroyed. Do not go to the offensive before their army is drained out. Then, create some Petards or deploy siege weapons to destroy their Castles. If the player chooses to deploy siege weapons, they must be protected from enemy melee units. After this is done, destroy their Town Center (make sure that they ran out of stone or destroy it if they're trying to rebuild it). Then, all the player has to do is to kill remaining enemy units and destroy remaining enemy buildings.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though the player, as Attila the Hun, emerges victorious, in reality this battle was tactically inconclusive (as mentioned in the post-game narrative), while it was a strategic victory for the Romans and Visigoths. Because this battle stopped the Huns' attempt to conquer Roman Gaul, as the Huns retreated.
  • While Alans are being depicted as "Vikings" in this scenario, in reality they were an Iranian people.
  • This scenario inspired the rework of the Coming of the Huns scenario in the Imperium Romanum campaign in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, mirroring features like the map and the starting positions of the teams, but the player taking the Roman command and point of view.

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