The Canyon of Death
Canyon of Death
Scenario Info
Game EmpiresIcon Age of Empires
Campaign Yamato Empire of the Rising Sun
Civilization Yamato
Color Blue
Course of Campaign
Scenario No. 5
Previous Mountain Temple
Next Oppression

The Canyon of Death is the fifth map of the Yamato Empire of the Rising Sun campaign. The Yamato strike force must make its way through enemy lands.

Scenario Instructions Edit

The defeat of the Izumo and Kibi clans has consolidated the southern part of Honshu Island under Yamato rule. You wish to expand your influence southward now to the island controlled by the Shikoku clan. They showed you great disrespect, however, and have stolen important and valuable items that were being carried by your first emissaries. Rather than attempt an expensive war overseas from a long distance, your small party is to fight through Shikoku territory quickly and recover the items. Carry them to the offshore island that you control. This raid is to demonstrate the power of the Yamato and the futility of resisting your confederation.

Objectives Edit

  • Recover Artifact.
  • Carry Artifact to controlled island.

Strategy Edit

You start the game with four Short Swordsmen, four Composite Bowmen, four Horse Archers, and six Cavalry. The first part of the mission involves reaching the Heavy Transports, which will take you to your reinforcements.

Go north along the edge of the map, defeating the units in your way, until you reach the enemy towers. Go past them (don't try to destroy them, it'll cost you more troops than just walking past) and head south-west, until you reach the shore.

Head south along the shore until you find a wall, and the units and tower protecting it. Kill the units and destroy the tower, then make your way through the wall to find the Transports.

Head to the island (marked by flags) and pick up your reinforcements. Use the Priests to heal your wounded, then ship your units north to the enemy island. The enemy forces are found to the north, and marching against them will be risky.

A better way is to send your Cavalry forth, crush any Stone Throwers, and then retreat. The enemies will follow you - but at different speeds, so that their army will be scattered as they meet your unified force.

Once the units are dead, destroy the towers with your Stone Throwers, and capture the Artifact so you can ship it back to your island.