The Breath of the Dragon
Dracula level 3 map
Scenario information
Game ForgottenIcon The Forgotten
Campaign Dracula
Civilization Slavs
Color Red
Course of campaign
Scenario no. 3
Previous The Return of the Dragon
Next The Moon Rises

The Breath of the Dragon is the third scenario of the Dracula campaign in the Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. In this scenario, the player is playing as Slavs.

Vlad Dracula is leading his army against the Ottoman Empire, first defeating the Ottoman army by an ambush at a narrow pass between the forest. Then Vlad disguises himself as a trader to enter the Ottoman-controlled Giurgiu and capture the town. Finally, the remaining five villages or towns are to be subdued by destroying their town centers, castles, and the mosque in Darstor. While Darstor is the main force of the five Ottoman towns, they have to rely on the other four for resources, which the player shall conquer them to sabotage the supplies. Orsova is supplying wood; Rahova is supplying gold; Novoselo is supplying food; and Obluciza is supplying stone.

Players Edit

Ally Edit

Wallachians (Slavs)

Ally → enemy → ally → enemy Edit

Ottoman Army (Turks) is the first opponent the player will encounter. They are in control of Giurgiu, a walled town, which is in the middle of the map. The army will arrive the forest in the northwest at the 90th second, and the player is supposed to ambush them and attack. Later the player has to send Vlad Dracula and four soldiers to capture Giurgiu by garrisoning into their castle (the diplomacy is 'ally' again after the ambush battle and while Dracula is on the way to Giurgiu). If either the castle is taken down, or the guards in Giurgiu discovered Dracula's plot, the diplomacy is set to 'enemy' again. There are a few Guard Towers and a Bombard Tower in Giurgiu, which the player can garrison either Dracula or any of the four soldiers to take over the tower. Besides that, Giurgiu has a Town Center, a barracks, a market, a blacksmith, two docks, several houses, as well as two mills outside the town. The player will take over the entire Giurgiu after defeating the Ottoman guards in Giurgiu.

Enemy Edit

Darstor (Turks) is located in the southeast of the map, and being the primary force of the five Ottoman towns to be subdued by the player, after capturing Giurgiu. They rely on Orsova (wood), Rahova (gold), Novoselo (food) and Obluciza (stone) for resources, in order to build a formidable force. To defeat them, destroy their castle and mosque.

Enemies to allies Edit

Each of the following towns will become 'allies' with the player and pay a token of tributes after their main building is destroyed.

These towns are supplying Darstor with resources to build up their military, and subduing each of these towns would sabotage the supply.

Novoselo (Slavs) is located in the east of the map, on the south/right bank of the Danube River. They supply food for Darstor, which is crucial to build an army. To subdue them, destroy their Town Center.
Obluciza (Slavs) is located in the east, somewhere north of Novoselo. They supply stone for Darstor. To subdue them, destroy their castle.
Orsova (Magyars) is located in the southwest of the map, near the spot where the Cerna River meets the Danube River on the left. They are the greatest threat out of the four supply towns, as they frequently invade Giurgiu with knights and cavalry archers. They supply wood for Darstor, which is crucial to build ships. To subdue them, destroy their castle.
Rahova (Slavs) is located in the south, on the right bank of the Danube River. They supply gold for Darstor, which is crucial to create Janissaries. To subdue them, destroy their Town Center.

Storyline and gameplay Edit

Vlad Dracula is leading his army on the path in the northwest of the map, discussing their plan of an assault on the Ottoman army. The hand cannoneers suggest to have them ambush in the forest on the eastern side of the path so that the enemies would not know what hits them, while the hussars suggest to ambush on the western side of the path and prepare to assault from there. Note that the Ottoman army would arrive in 90 seconds time, and if the player has any unit standing in the middle of the path, the ambush would fail and the casualty would be greater. The Ottoman army will have two Bombard Cannons which will come last, though easy to be taken down, they are a great threat to opponents standing close together. The player shall place all ranged units together in the east, while all melee units in the west.

After a bloody fight that annihilated the Ottoman army, Dracula is set to take down Ottoman-controlled Giurgiu, in the middle of the map. The player would have to travel southeast along the path and see a trade cart, which the player is to chase after and nab it. Dracula will disguise himself as a trader (technically a king) while there would be two pikemen and two hand cannoneers hiding in the trade cart. The player shall bring both Dracula and the trade cart into Giurgiu. The rest of Dracula's army would be left behind, waiting for Dracula's signal.

Upon entering Giurgiu, the trade cart will be deleted and the four soldiers will come out. Dracula manages to enter, with his ability to speak Turkish. While the player's aim is to capture the castle, the player shall capture the towers by garrisoning any of the five units into each tower. However the player must try not to have the four soldiers together, as if they enter the corner on the right of the Town Center and there is any Ottoman soldier there, they would raise suspicion of the Ottoman guard. If Dracula himself gets near the broken bridge where there is an Ottoman cavalier, the cavalier will also be suspicious, as the 'trader' looks familiar to him. If any of the player's unit attempts to get near the castle while the Janissary is there, he would be stopped by the Janissary and being ordered to turn back. Whenever the player raises suspicion by any Ottoman guard, the unit must leave the sight as soon as possible or else after 15 seconds the Ottomans will get alarmed and begin fighting the player. Though technically optional, it is advisable that the player captures the tower in the middle of the river, on the eastern side of the broken bridge, in order to take down the Janissary banner and distract the enraged Janissaries, so it would be much easier to capture the castle.

As the player captures the castle, signal would be sent to Dracula's army and they would rush to Giurgiu, and the Ottomans would be alarmed and another fighting would be on. Therefore, the player must defeat the Ottoman guards in order to capture the entire Giurgiu. The player should destroy the two Battering Rams first, as they are a great threat to the castle and towers, and the player must keep the castle standing till the end of the game.

Once Giurgiu is captured, the player shall prepare to conquer the five remaining Ottoman towns - Darstor, Orsova, Rahova, Novoselo, and Obluciza. Darstor is the main force of the town, but must rely on the other four towns for resources, therefore the player should conquer the four smaller towns to sabotage the enemy supplies. By conquering any of the four supply towns, they would beg for peace with the player and pay a token of tributes. Orsova is supplying wood for Darstor, Rahova is supplying gold, Novoselo is supplying food, and Obluciza is supplying stone. The player should take down Obluciza and Rahova as soon as possible, to mine in their abundance of Stone Mines and Gold Mines.

Strategy Edit

1. The first fight
A matter of positioning

After the capture of the town, the player should have about 3 Hand Cannoneers, 2 Crossbowmen, 2 Light Cavalry, 7 Hussars, 5 Pikemen, 10 Long Swordsmen, 1-2 Cavalry Archers, and Dracula. This can be achieved if the player attacks the Janissaries with their ranged units, and uses the Hussars to kill the Bombard Cannons and the infantry to kill the cavalry. In general, keeping the cavalry and ranged units (particularly Hand Cannoneers) is top priority. When the player captures the town, they  must make sure they get the 4 additional units from the Trade Cart. 

2. Capturing the towers

This is the easiest part so far. The player have a King (disguised Dracula), 2 Pikemen and 2 Hand Cannoneers. They must use the King to capture all Towers apart from the one closest to the Castle and the one near the flag. Keep one Pikeman stationed near the cliff towards the Castle and put the other three troops in the Tower on the upper side of the castle. Then use the King to capture the Tower with the flag. This will draw out the Janissaries, giving the player enough time to use the Pikemen to capture the Tower on the bottom side of the Castle and then immediately the Castle.

3. Taking over the city
Mopping up

As soon as the Castle is captured, make sure the Towers only attack units. If out of reach, the Bombard Tower should attack the Market, not the Dock. Send in the cavalry to kill the Rams to keep the Castle from losing Hit Points. The infantry should make work of the cavalry, particularly the Cavalier. Protect the ranged units, and use the Pikeman near the Castle to attack the Rams coming at it.

4. Army control
Sally forth!

Killing the last purple unit will hand over the town to the player. Save, and check how many soldiers are still alive. Before the player receives any resources, it is top priority to sort the troops. About 5 cavalry units each need to go to Green northwards and Yellow southwards. The goal is to kill as many villagers as possible. Send Dracula north as well. Send the swordsmen north, the pikemen south. Keep the Hussar with the lowest Hit Points to scout. Send the ranged units inside the south Tower on the city side of the bridge to heal up.

5. Wall the land bridge
Stone by stone

The player now receives resources. For further Game Time references this will be around 9-10 min. Do not use the market (yet). They will need all the resources they receive at the beginning, in particular Stone to build the walls. Palisade Walls will not suffice to prevent the onslaught of Teal, Orange and Grey. Send one Villager to the Tower furthest out and wall it in, and then wall in the other island tower as well and put double walls on the island to the base, using the trees to the player's advantage. Train eight Villagers, two Fishing Ships, and two Galleys. Research Fletching.

6. Scouting
Herds as far as the eye can see

Use the designated scout to find all Sheep and Cows and send into the city immediately! Yellow will try to capture them early on as well. Don't harvest them yet.

7. Wall of the West
The (not so) long wall

Build a Mining Camp where there is Gold and Stone near it with 2 Villagers (northwest). They should mine stone. Use the two Villagers closest to the Lumber Camp and send them to gather Wood. Send the other 5 starting Villagers to harvest the Deer closest to the town on the left side. 3 per Deer, about 9-11 Villagers on Deer total, and then move the Town Center gather point to Wood. As soon as they would go back to the Town Center, use them to wall in the southwest side with stone walls. Use the terrain; With clever walling, they player will not need more than 23 tiles of walls. The Stone Wall should start from the Castle in a diagonal line northwest. Make sure the Villagers do not miss a spot! The longest wall line will have 5-6 tiles. Place the Gate there. Lock the gate. Then send 3-4 Villagers on Gold (drop off the Food first). Don't forget to train more Galleys. Keep them in Stand Ground Stance near the bridge. The island wall-off should be finished now and the land wall-off started. send the island Villager to gather wood. Now the cavalry should have arrived at the Green and Yellow towns.

8. Rushing Green
Leave no one alive

Green has a Lumber Camp and Farms to the northeast, near the river. South from there there is a Gold Mining Camp with some Villagers. Kill all the Villagers. To the west are the Stone Mining Camps with some Towers. Use Dracula to kill all Villagers that hide in there. Green has an army of Crossbowmen and Pikemen. Use the Long Swordsmen to kill the Pikemen and the cavalry for the Crossbows. If the player has done their work well, Green has no Villagers left, and since it starts without a Town Center, they are effectively out of the game. They will still build a few Galleys, but that is due to their Trading Cogs. What is left of the army should head into the Castle to heal up, or kill some more Villagers from the yellow player with the melee units.

9. Rushing Yellow

Yellow has a lot of towers. Be aware of them. Use the cavalry to kill the Villagers to the far southwest and the Pikemen for the ones on the Farms. The charging cavalry of Yellow should be delayed by them for a tiny bit, but the yellow player fields a lot more Villagers and also Knights, Magyar Huszars and Cavalry Archers. Do not retreat. Kill all Villagers possible. Yellow does not have a Town Center either, so every Villager killed, stays dead. If done well, Yellow will run out of resources quite fast and will only be able to send in a few units, which should be easy pickings for the Hand Cannoneers.

10. Intermezzo
What the economy and army should look like right now

The player should now have 22 Villagers, 2 Fishing Ships (harvest the fish closest to the Dock first, do not lose them too early), a couple of Lord Swordsmen, Cavalry, the ranged units, 4 Galleys and Dracula. Always keep up the Villager production. Yellow will have already tried to rush the base with a sizeable army, so the land wall needs to be completed by the 15 minute mark the latest.

11. How to hold the walls
"You are soldiers of Transylvania! No matter what comes through that wall, you will stand your ground!"

Always use the Galleys to kill grey Janissaries first. They are the main threat, as they outrange ALL of the player's units by this point and they can whittle down the walls quite fast. Only the Towers have the same range. Position the ranged units near the bridge, so that they can fire on the melee units attacking the wall. Use some Hand Cannoneers to kill yellows troops attacking the south wall out of Castle range. If the ranged units get targeted by the Janissaries, garrison them into a Tower and kill them first. If yellow attacks the land wall, use Hand Cannoneers to kill the melee units and repair the walls with the Villagers. Only produce Galleys and Villagers, and research Wheelbarrow.

12. Getting resources and advancing to the Castle Age
Here comes the boom!

The player should have secured 3 Gold Piles, 3 Stone Piles, 4 Berry Bushes and lots of small forests. Keep a close eye on the economy. Hunt all Deer and Boar inside the walls, send 6-8 Villagers on Sheep and Cows (harvest 2 at a time), and send more Villagers to the Berry Bushes. The goal is 2 on Stone, 4 on Gold, 19 on Food (including Fishing Ships) and 10 on Wood before advancing to Castle Age. The player should try to delay farms and farm upgrades until the Castle Age. Get the first wood upgrade before advancing (Game time 23-25 min at latest).

13. Going Castle Age
Riddle them with arrows

While advancing, keep up Galley production and keep track of idle Villagers. Research the first gold mining upgrade and the second wood upgrade. As soon as the player ages up (26-27 min) they should have enough ressources to research Bodkin Arrow and War Galley. Cue up Villagers and build an Archery Range. Research Crossbowmen and build several. Research Padded Archer Armor. Send the Crossbowmen to the ranged units at the bridge. Research Ship Armor.

14. Going Imperial
The Armada

Build a University and research Ballistics. At 50-60 population, get Hand Cart. Don't gather too much Food. If needed, move Villagers to other ressources. At 28 min, the player should be able to build a Castle near the Gate of the land wall. Research Fortified Walls. Now the base should be safe. Advance Imperial Age as soon as possible as next step around 39 min.

15. Preparing the counter-attack and the final blow
Le Coup de Grace

As soon as the player reaches Imperial Age, research Galleon, Chemistry, Cannon Galleon, and all other techs the player needs and wants to. Produce many Galleons and 5 Cannon Galleons. Use the Cannon Galleons to destroy the Castles, Towers and Town Centers. All targets can be hit with the Cannon Galleons, so there is no need to go train other units. Keep a group of Galleons close to the bridge to kill off land attacks. As soon as they lose their Town Center or Castle, the minor enemies will become the player's allies. Kill the grey player's Wonder last. Use all of the navy to kill the Wonder. The Wonder has 600 health, but will only take 1 damage from whatever source. There is no need to wait forever to whittle it down with only the Cannon Galleons.