Civilization Tech Tree Strategy
Holy Roman Empire flag
Flag of the Holy Roman Empire during the events of Age of Empires II
KingsIcon Age of Empires II
Architectural StyleCentral European
ClassificationBalanced (on Land)
Unique UnitsCrusade avatar Teutonic Knight
Preferred StrategiesScout Rush, Archer rush, Tower Rush, Town Center Rush, Booming, Fast Castle, Forward Castle Drop, Turtling
TechnologiesCastleAgeUnique Ironclad
Unique-tech Crenellations
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The Wonder of the Teutons, the Maria Laach Abbey

The Teutons (older name for Germanic people) are a civilization available in Age of Empires II. Historically, they were a Germanic tribe that participated in the Great Migration when the Huns pushed various tribes out of Germany and into contact with the declining Roman Empire. They eventually settled in Germany and some in Italy.

In the game, they represent the Holy Roman Empire, Crusader states and crusading orders such as the Knights Hospitaller and the Knights Templar. They rely on infantry, cavalry, siege units and fortifications, typical for a medieval European army.

Their descendants are the Germans.

Overview Edit

The Teutons main strengths are defense and economy, with also many offensive bonuses as well. Their defensive structures and Town Center both have bonuses. Town Centers have an additional +2 for their Attack, and a +5 for their Line of Sight. Towers can garrison twice the number of units than other civilizations and all tower technologies are available. With this bonus, Teutonic Keeps with full garrison of Archers can deal twice the amount of damage compared to an ordinary Keep with full garrison. In addition, a Teutonic Bombard Tower with ten garrisoned Hand Cannoneers only can fire up to two cannons simultaneously, dealing up to 240 damage. They also receive Murder Holes for free thus eliminating the minimum range of towers and Castle. This provides their Towers an earlier defense against Battering Rams. Another great thing about their defenses is their castles' great range, which their unique technology (Crenellations) increases highly, giving them greater defensive abilities. Their Monks are able to heal at twice the distance of other civilizations’ monks. Their Farms are 33% cheaper. Their units resist conversion due to their Team Bonus.

Their unique unit is the Teutonic Knight, which is an extremely strong but slow infantry unit possessing a significant attack (also an attack bonus versus buildings), Hit Points and Armor. It is almost unaffected by Archer, Infantry and Cavalry attacks. Their Unique Technology is Crenellations which gives Castles an additional +3 range and infantry units that garrison in the castle can fire arrows. This makes their castles very powerful and excellent for defensive strategies.

The Teutonic civilization is given high profile in the Barbarossa campaign as they are the playable civilization. In addition many of the opponents encountered early in this campaign are also Teutons. Some opponents in the Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan campaign are also Teutons.

Unique Unit: Teutonic Knight (slow but very strong infantry. Excellent for hand-to-hand combat.)

Unique Technologies: Crenellations (Increased range for Castles; garrisoned infantry fire arrows),Ironclad (Siege weapons get +4 melee armor)

Civilization bonuses Edit

Changes in The ForgottenEdit

  • Town Center LOS restored to normal (moved to Chinese)
  • Town Center garrison +10 units, maximum arrows +5
  • Town Center +2 attack removed
  • Teutonic Knight (non-elite) gets +10 HP
  • Monk healing range bonus fixed (didn`t work automatically in The Conquerors)

Changes in African KingdomsEdit

  • Ironclad cost reduced from 500w/350g to 400w/350g
  • Teutonic Knight movement speed slightly increased.

In-game dialogue language (Old and Middle High German) Edit

The Teutons speak Old and Middle High German, which are the ancestor languages to modern Standard German and several dialects. They were spoken in Germany roughly between 700 and 1350, so this corresponds well to the time period depicted in the game. The Goths speak the same language in-game, but actually, the Goths they had their own Gothic Language which was spoken as early as the 4th century and became extinct by the 8th or 9th century [1]

  • Ja? (yes?)
  • Heisse? (order?)
  • Bereyte (ready)
  • He, ja (why, yes)
  • Reyte (right)
  • Das ich soll (that I shall)
  • Des ware (truly)
  • holza (to cut wood) -or- holzer (lumberjack)
  • jägere (to hunt)
  • fischere (to fish)
  • suocha (to seek, gather)
  • gebuure (to go farming)
  • houwa (to quarry, cut)
  • buuwere (to build)
  • Flickmann (tinkerer, repairer [of small objects])
  • Se stöörme! (storm them!)
  • Sassa! (to battle!)
  • Striitet! (fight!)


  • Like the Saracens generally representing the Islamic factions (before the introduction of the Berbers), the Teutons, alongside the Franks, generally represent the Christian factions.
  • Their unique unit, the Teutonic Knight, was a group of soldiers of the Teutonic Order, who participated in the Northern Crusades against many pagan nations of the Baltic Sea. They later fought other Christian nations as well, particularly Poland.
  • Except for Native American civilizations, the Teutons are the only civilization in Age of Empires II that don't have access to Light Cavalry.
  • In Age of Kings, the Teutons get all three of the rarest non-unique units (the Siege Onager, Paladin, and Bombard Tower).

Gallery Edit

Video Overview Edit

Teutons Overview AoE213:39

Teutons Overview AoE2

References Edit

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