Temples of the Aztec is the fifth scenario of Act I: Blood in Age of Empires III. The knights arrive at the Aztec city only to find it under siege by the Spanish and many of its residents enslaved. Forced to mine gold for the Spaniards they are more than happy to help Morgan drive out the Spanish.

Card List Used Edit

Cards in italics are selected for you when you gain your deck of cards

  • HC Level: 10
  • Discovery Age: 2 Settlers, Crates of 300 Food, 300 Wood and 300 Coin.
  • Colonial Age: 8 Crossbowmen, 6 Rodeleros, Native Lore, 4 Settlers, 600 Wood and Royal Decree to Claim the New World.
  • Fortress Age: 1 Covered Wagon, 1 Falconet, 2 Falconets, Fort, Heavy Fortifications, 4 Lancers.

The New World Edit

In The Circle of Ossus cutscene you see Morgan debriefing one of his commanders, however the report is soon interrupted by the desperate screams of a scout exiting the jungle. In pursuit of him is a white Jaguar such as the one seen earlier on the shore of the peninsula, however the soldiers and Morgan act as though it's the first one they have ever seen.

One Temple Strategy Edit

You begin with Morgan Black, 4 Hussars, 4 Hoop Throwers and 6 Crossbowmen. You soon gain four legendary Aztec warriors on your way to build the outpost.

The strategy runs entirely on defending the southern temple using Fortified Outposts, Caravels and the Fort cannon attacks to quickly slaughter large amounts of Spanish units attacking the building. One location is much easier to defend than three, the Spanish will always build their fort near the northern temple while attacking the eastern temple with a large army. Stopping the eastern attack is easier than preventing the Fort from being built (which does not immediately threaten the northern temple).

Note: Starting Age: - You begin in the Colonial Age.
Note: Difficulty - On the easy and normal difficulties it is possible to save two or even all three temples.
Note: Natives - The natives on this map are the Aztec. The Aztec upgrade which ships chests of coin for every 2 minutes of game time is enabled on this map. All native military upgrades are already purchased for the Aztec when you finish the trading post, they are highly effective due to their legendary status.
Note: Water - Age up with The Admiral of the Sea, the double caravels add even more cannon power to your defense of the southern temple and the wood helps with the outpost construction costs.
Note: Walls - They cannot be constructed during this battle.

Bugs Edit

  • If you leave the scenario running to farm experience the cutscene following the battle may freeze, pressing the Escape key will skip it moving you to the next scene and battle.