This article is about the technologies in Age of Mythology. For technologies in other games of the series, see Technology.

This article lists and briefly explains all technologies that are available for research in Age of Mythology. As in other titles in the Age of Empires series, researched technologies apply to all affected units and/or structures on the map immediately.

Ages Edit

Players are able to research the next Age, unlocking buildings, units, and technologies for their civilization.

Among choosing a civilization to play, players choose a major god, which already grants a researchable technology among various other benefits, allowing to play the civilization differently. Furthermore, the major god decides out of which minor gods the player can choose when advancing into another Age.

Minor gods grant a god power, myth unit, and a couple uncommon technologies not available otherwise.

Culture ArchaicAge Archaic Age ClassicalAge Classical Age HeroicAge Heroic Age MythicAge Mythic Age
Greek ZeusIcon Zeus
HadesIcon Hades
PoseidonIcon Poseidon
AthenaIcon Athena
HermesIcon Hermes
AresIcon Ares
ApolloIcon Apollo
DionysusIcon Dionysus
AphroditeIcon Aphrodite
HeraIcon Hera
HephaestusIcon Hephaestus
ArtemisIcon Artemis
Egyptian RaIcon Ra
IsisIcon Isis
SetIcon Set
BastIcon Bast
PtahIcon Ptah
AnubisIcon Anubis
HathorIcon Hathor
SekhmetIcon Sekhmet
NephthysIcon Nephthys
OsirisIcon Osiris
HorusIcon Horus
ThothIcon Thoth
Norse ThorIcon Thor
OdinIcon Odin
LokiIcon Loki
FreyjaIcon Freyja
HeimdallIcon Heimdall
ForsetiIcon Forseti
SkadiIcon Skadi
BragiIcon Bragi
NjordIcon Njord
BaldrIcon Baldr
TyrIcon Tyr
HelIcon Hel
Atlantean KronosIcon Kronos
OranosIcon Oranos
GaiaIcon Gaia
PrometheusIcon Prometheus
LetoIcon Leto
OceanusIcon Oceanus
HyperionIcon Hyperion
RheiaIcon Rheia
TheiaIcon Theia
HeliosIcon Helios
AtlasIcon Atlas
HekateIcon Hekate
Chinese FuXiIcon Fu Xi
NuWaIcon Nü Wa
ShennongIcon Shennong
HuangDiIcon Huang Di
SunWukongIcon Sun Wukong
ChangEIcon Chang'e
DaboGongIcon Dabo Gong
ZhongKuiIcon Zhong Kui
HeBoIcon He Bo
ChongliIcon Chongli
AoKuangIcon Ao Kuang
XiWangmuIcon Xi Wangmu

Economic technologies Edit

Economic technologies improve gather rates, carry capacity, or the speed of economic units. Carry capacity and speed decrease the time units spend walking to drop off their gathered resources, thus increasing the time they spend actually gathering. With the exception of Market technologies, economic technologies never cost the resource whose gathering will be increased in any way.

Villagers, Laborers, Gatherers, and Dwarves start with carry capacities of 15 food, 10 gold, and 10 wood. Fishing Ships start with a carry capacity of 25 food. The percentage increase in carry capacity is always calculated on these base values.

Common Edit

Civilization-specific Edit

Military technologies Edit

Baseline upgrades improve statistics like hit points, attack, and Line of Sight of specific unit groups. They also change the units name and appearance. While most civilizations baseline upgrades affect multiple unit types associated through being infantry, cavalry, or archers, the Egyptians require specific baseline upgrades for each unit type.

For various units available in the Heroic Age with no associated ones in the Classical Age, the classical medium upgrade is not available for research but active unannounced.

Also,Armory updates improve the attack, hack, or pierce armor of various units. While improving a great amount of units, they are less substantial than baseline-upgrades.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to a human error in the protox definition, the Atlanteans do not have Draft Horses.
  • Originally, more technologies were planned to have been "less common". This is confirmed in the Multiplayer Alpha language.dll that states: "Isis grants players all common technologies".