"How long can you stay on the island shared by your team before you need to move to the central island that protects extra resources?"

Map description

Team Migration is a random map in Age of Mythology.

Overview Edit

Players start on a medium-sized island which is shared with allies. This starting island has one medium Gold Mine and one extra Settlement per team member, but overall has fairly limited resources. As the name suggests, players are encouraged to leave their starting island and expand onto the much larger central island, made easier with a starting Transport Ship. There players will find additional Settlements, more wildlife to hunt, Relics and most importantly, more gold. Though naval warfare will occur, domination of the center island will be more important. Forests are smaller on the central island but cliffs offer some protection.

Strategy Edit

Team Migration forces players to make many difficult decisions. Worker units can be sent to the central island early on but if unescorted, they risk being attacked by the many Lions that roam there. Most military buildings can be built on the starting island away from enemy attacks but more time will be spent ferrying troops across the water. Finally, all military activity can be concentrated on the central island to overwhelm enemies but this may leave the starting island and any worker units there vulnerable to ambushes. Players must also choose whether to place their Market on the central island with a larger trade route or on the starting island where the route may be smaller but safer.

Major gods who have the best chance to conquer the central island include Poseidon who can scout the waters faster, Oranos who provides Sky Passages which are faster than Transport Ships and don’t use up population and Kronos who can easily timeshift buildings from one island to another. On the other hand, worshipers of Nü Wa have access to Markets in the Classical Age and so are not as reliant on the central island.

Environment Edit

All forests on Team Migration are mostly made of Palm Trees (with the odd Oak Tree appearing now and then) and are relatively small. Still, the lands are not sandy, but full of grass, like in maps related to the Greeks.

The fauna varies between islands: starting islands support Chickens, Hippopotami, and some Pigs while the central island has Lions, Water Buffaloes, Giraffes (rarely), Rhinoceroses, Zebras and more Pigs.

The ocean is abundant with Mahi-mahi, which are a more reliable source of food than these aggressive huntables. Orcas are also swimming the land, but are completely non-interactable.

Similar Maps Edit


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