Long Swordsmen

Long Swordsmen, from the Definitive Edition. Also seen are Centurions.

Swordsmen is a class of light infantry in Age of Empires. Their purposes vary between the Bronze and Iron Age. This article describes both Swordsman classes.

General Information Edit

Swordsmen become available in the Bronze Age with the Short Swordsman, which requires the Short Sword upgrade, which in turn requires the Battle Axe upgrade.

The Short Swordsmen are in turn available for immediate upgrade to the Broad Swordsman. Once in the Iron Age, the player can upgrade to the Long Swordsman, but a player must research the technology Fanaticism before he/she can upgrade to the classes "super-unit", the Legion.

They are cheap infantrymen that can be trained in larger masses than Academy units or cavalrymen, and boast average stats (speed included), and are especially vulnerable to archers.

Still, their low cost allows players to easily mass Swordsmen, and some civilizations' units benefit from unique bonuses that even make them more viable as late-game units, but players should keep in mind that these units cost some gold, so they shouldn't be trained without purpose and aim.

Upgrades that affect this ClassEdit

Tool Age Edit

Bronze Age Edit

Iron Age Edit

Civilizations and Swordsmen Edit

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