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Sven Kuechler
Kuechler icon
First AppearanceAge of Empires III: The WarChiefs
Base Hit Points1200
Resists0.10 vs Melee
Melee Damage500
Siege Damage200
Siege Range6
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Sven Kuechler
Name: Sven Kuechler
Status: Deceased
Nationality: Hessian
Affiliation: Hessian Mercenary
  • Colonel
Voiced by: Steven Blum
Games: Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs
First game: Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs
Last game: Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs

Colonel Sven Kuechler is a Hessian officer and a foe of protagonist Nathaniel Black in the The WarChiefs campaign. Colonel Kuechler wields an officer's saber and possesses high Hit Points. He is voiced by Steven Blum.

Biography Edit

Colonel Kuechler was proud of his adherence to the Hessian military virtues and is well known for his discipline, obedience, and ruthlessness. There is nothing soft about Kuechler's leadership because none usually stand in his way for long. At some point in his life, he became a Colonel in the Hessian army and he and his regiment were hired by Britain as mercenaries.

During the eve of the American Revolution, Kuechler and the Hessians raided Nathaniel Black's Iroquois tribe and took Nonahkee prisoner, but failed to keep her captive for long. Colonel Kuechler soon fought in the American Revolutionary War with the job of extinguishing the colonial rebellion firmly and decisively allied with the British. Colonel Kuechler's first major loss was the Battle of Trenton where his army was suddenly attacked by George Washington and his forces. Soon, during the Battle of Morristown, Colonel Kuechler lead his army to attack Morristown, but was stopped by Nathaniel Black. His colony was destroyed during the battle and he himself was later killed.

Notes Edit

  • Sven Kuechler is one of the two campaign characters of Age of Empires III with the most attack damage. Sven Kuechler is also the only German character.
  • Some believe he is one of the leaders of the Circle of Ossus, though there is nothing in the game to indicate this as he does share the same goals as the other leaders, mainly the Lake of the Moon.
  • He considers the British to be soft, as indicated by his derogatory comments towards them.

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