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Stuart Black, the youngest son of Morgan Black, is a British colonial official assigned to manage the colony of Brunswick. The colony is protected by mercenaries led by Black's nephew John Black, son of Phillip Black. The colony has a friendly relationship with neighboring Cherokee tribes until immediately prior to the Seven Years' War, when the Cherokee launch assaults on Brunswick and on several other colonies in the vicinity. Though they are eventually defeated by John and his mercenaries, the Cherokee are found to possess cannon, leading the Blacks to believe that the Cherokee are aligned with the British government. This assumption is proved correct to a point; they are allied with General Warwick, a British official and the leader of the Circle of Ossus, the Black family's enemy.

Warwick arrives with a British army, ostensibly to protect the colony from Cherokee offensives, but instead occupies Brunswick and destroys several buildings. Warwick and his men interrogate Stuart, attempting to discover where the Fountain of Youth is located. Stuart is taken by Warwick to an unknown location when John Black and his mercenaries retake Brunswick, and is murdered at some point by the general. His decapitated body is found by John Black some time later.

In the game, Stuart has no special attack, using his hands to fight.

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