Struggle for Sicily
Struggle for Sicily
Scenario Info
Game RomeIcon Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome
Campaign First Punic War
Civilization Carthaginians
Color Blue
Course of Campaign
Scenario No. 1
Previous N/A
Next Battle of Mylae

Struggle for Sicily is the first scenario of the First Punic War campaign in the Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome trial version. The Carthaginians must kill all the Roman soldiers in their lands.

Scenario Instructions Edit

For years, your nation of Carthage has been the undisputed master of the Mediterranean. Recently, a new force has arisen on the scene. Rome, a small backwater of no importance, is challenging your mastery of the island of Sicily, an important center of trade for your empire. You have been assigned to drive the audacious Romans from Sicily.

Objective Edit

  • Eliminate all Roman soldiers.

Strategy Edit

You start off in the Stone Age, and can reach the Tool Age. Do this as soon as possible, so you have a better choice of soldiers available. This is a very simple map, as the Romans will mostly stay in their base, so there's not much reason to build a defense.

There's plenty of huntable animals, and building a Dock will let you fish. There's trees all around you, so you won't lack wood. Looking for Stone or Gold Mines is a waste of time, as you'll have little use for those resources.

Training about a dozen soldiers, with a mixture of Axemen and Bowmen, will be enough to wipe out the Roman force.

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