Strange Alliances is the second scenario of Act II: Ice in Age of Empires III. It involves a British attack on Stuart Black's base - and the introduction of Warwick, the Act's villain.

The Level Edit

You start off with a few soldiers and the two heroes, Kanyenke and John Black, and the task of destroying a couple of enemy buildings. Send your forces south, and let your heroes take the brunt of the damage - they'll regenerate, your soldiers won't. The war huts will spawn a few soldiers when they've taken enough damage, so pay attention and target the units.

When the war huts are down, John Black will be asked to meet with the enemy leader. It is actually an ambush, and the signal for the British army to move in and destroy the colony.

Shortly after the British army attacks, a Covered Wagon will start moving south, and a few buildings to the south-west will come under your control. Build up a large army, preferably with plenty of Skirmishers to face the British Musketeers, and some Artillery to take care of buildings. Remember to set up some defences, too; they'll come looking for you soon enough.

As you move in towards the enemy base, you'll get the Optional Objective of freeing a couple Settlers held by the British (Treasures with neutral Outlaw Musketeers as Treasure Guardians). It's not too difficult, but the Settlers probably aren't worth it if you aren't trying to meet all objectives or chasing Experience.

When the base is down, John Black will discover that the British took his uncle with them.


  • Kanyenke mentions the cannons the Cherokee used in the previous level, even on Easy difficulty, in which the cannons are not present.