"The strait between Indonesia and Malaysia is an important traderoute. Will you manage to control it and capture both islands?"

Map description

Strait of Malacca mini map with eight players

Strait of Malacca is a Real World random map introduced in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas. It depicts the Strait of Malacca, with the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra.

Overview Edit

The Strait of Malacca divides the map in two parts. The northern part is one solid landmass while the south has little islands and rivers surrounding it. Both parts are quite densely forested. In the easternmost part of the map there are a lot of small islands and shallows. Still, ships are required to travel from one landmass to another, which is why navy is of high importance of the map.

Environment Edit

Thick rainforests cover the land. The shores are rich with Mangrove forests and shallows. The wildlife consists of Water Buffaloes and Rhinoceroses. They are only found the players' starting positions.

Gallery Edit

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