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This article is about the building in Age of Empires. For the similar building in Age of Mythology, see Storage Pit (Age of Mythology).
Storage Pit
Storagepit iron
First AppearanceAge of Empires
Cost120 Wood
Age AvailableStone Age
Base Hit Points350
UseDrop off point for gold, stone, and wood collecting and food from hunting as well as developing armor for military units.
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The Storage Pit is a Stone Age building in Age of Empires. It acts as a key building for resource gathering as villagers can drop off Fish, Gold, Food, Stone, and Wood. Upgrades to increase the efficiency of armor and weapons are also researched here starting from Tool Age to the Iron Age. Shield upgrades are not available for certain number of civilizations, such as the Egyptians and the Assyrians. Metallurgy is not available for Greeks, Sumerians, and Palmyrans, Assyrians and Choson lacks Chain Mail, Carthaginians and Phoenicia lacks both. The Babylonians are the only civilization that lacks all Iron Age technologies from the Storage Pit.

Although not as important as the Granary, it can be argued that the Storage Pit is the third most important economic structure behind the Granary. The importance of this structure can be tested in the Scenario Editor, where placing no Trees on a blank map resulted in technological stagnation for the computer opponent, regardless of the amount of resources the computer player has at their disposal and the amount of Berry Bushes or Gold Mines placed on the map, since the only reason the computer player constructs a Storage Pit is to provide a convenient drop off point for Woodcutters. Likewise, if the computer player is encouraged to build a Granary but discouraged from building a Storage Pit, technological stagnation would ensue indefinitely.


The technologies found in the storage pit are used to improve the overall stats of each unit in a specific category. Some technologies overlap other unit types. Many Iron Age technologies found here are needed in order to develop the ability to research powerful units.

Aoe storagepit

All Storage Pits in the Iron Age

Tool AgeEdit

Bronze AgeEdit

Iron AgeEdit

Buildings Tree
First Town Center
Storage Pit
Archery Range
Small Wall
Watch Tower
Siege Workshop
Medium Wall
Government Center
Sentry Tower
More Town Centers
Guard Tower
Ballista Tower

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