This article is about the technology in Age of Mythology. For the building, see Stone Wall.
Stonewall icon
Stone Wall (Technology)
Location Wall
Age Classical Age
Cost 200 Food
200 Gold
Time 40

Stone Wall is a common technology in Age of Mythology, available in the Classical Age. It upgrades Wooden Walls to Stone Walls, increasing their Hit Points and Line of Sight.

Note: If playing as the Chinese, this upgrade is the second wall upgrade after Earthen Wall. For everyone else, it's the first upgrade.

Effects Edit

  • Wall +600 HP
  • Wall +7 LOS

History Edit

Humans have been fortifying their towns for defense since the first towns were built over 10,000 years ago. Walls were built to keep out human enemies and protect food supplies needed to support the town during winter. Wall materials depended on what was available, including logs in northern forests or mud bricks in the Middle East. The preferred wall material, when available, was stone. It would not burn like wood and was much more difficult to break than bricks.

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