Steppe mini map

A 7 player death match in Steppe

Steppe is a random nomadic type map featured in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. The map is based off the Eurasian Steppe which runs through Eastern Europe and Siberia.

Overview Edit

In terms of layout, Steppe is the nomadic version of Golden Pit except with an abundance of animals to hunt in the center instead of Gold Mines.

Player's begin on a very flat prairie just outside of central steppe. 3-4 Yurts are provided nearby with each providing 5 population. Livestock are found pasturing in the prairie and can provide a nourishing source of Food. The player can decide where to build their Town Center although most players build theirs at their starting point.

The central steppe features extremely flat terrain with very small hills around the edges. An abundance of hunt can be found in the central steppe providing a well source of food. Depending on the match, permafrost may or may not appear in the central steppe. However, similar to Golden Pit, hunting the animals will come at greater cost. Multiple invasions and attacks will occur and the flat terrain will provide an excellent and fast route for enemy military units to attack and massacre gathering Villagers.

Like other maps featured in the expansion, Relics will be scattered about in the map and can be gathered by Monks to boost the trickle rate of Gold.

Environment Edit

Players start out in their prairie with livestock grazing nearby. Livestock vary depending on the match and include Llamas, Sheep, and Cows. Beastly Wild Boars are found lurking among the woodlands and grazing in the Central steppe. They will brutally attack and attempt to kill any Villagers hunting them and are a dangerous source of food. Herds Deer will also be found sharing the steppe with the Wild Boars although they will not attack when hunted. Numbers of Forage Bushes will also be present in the map.

The seasonal woodlands found surrounding the central steppe will consist of diverse species of trees and will provide the player a limited supply of Wood. Among the trees found in the map include Pine and Forest Trees.

Stone Mines will be found in the central steppe in plentiful numbers and will provide a well source of Stone. Building Castles and Watch Towers over vulnerable Villagers will provide some degree of protection. But be warned, unlike other maps, taking control of the central steppe will be very hard and defensive structures will often be destroyed from constant enemy raids. Gold Mines will be scattered in fair numbers here and there along the forests.

Gallery Edit

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