The Standard Army in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties is one of three banner armies available to the Chinese at the War Academy in the Colonial Age. It costs 255 food and 170 coin, takes five population, and consists of three Chu Ko Nu and two Steppe Riders.

The Chu Ko Nu is an archer unit effective against heavy infantry that has slightly more speed than an average archer, and a much higher multiplier against heavy infantry than a normal archer unit. The Steppe Rider is effective against light infantry, such as the Skirmisher, and has a x2 multiplier against non-heavy infantry, making it more cost effective than other hand cavalry units like the Hussar.

The Standard Army is highly cost effective against its counters, and if micromanaged well, is a strong option for the Colonial Age. The Steppe Rider starts to lose effectiveness in the Fortress Age as it is replaced by stronger cavalry units; Iron Flails and Meteor Hammers.