Spanish Treasure Fleet is the seventh scenario of Act I: Blood in Age of Empires III. Morgan and Lizzie caught up with Delgado and his Treasure Fleet.

Overview Edit

Delgado ran his treasure ships aground and Morgan needs to capture them. The main objective is to capture six of the eight vessels. A treasure vessel will be captured once the outpost or fort protecting it is destroyed. There is very little coin to be mined on this map. Most of the coin is provided by controlling treasure ships. The more are controlled, the greater the coin trickle.  There is one gold mine in the north.  Once the scenario is over, the cutscene shows the knights freeing Sahin from the Spanish.


Capturing Treasure ShipsEdit

Five of eight ships are outside of the Spanish base and are easily captured.  The remaining three requires to attack the base to destroy the outposts protecting the vessels.

Land on the North shore, towards the East, where resources are plentiful, not on the South side of the map.

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

  • Destroy any Spanish fort (300 xp each)
  • Kill Delgado (1,000 xp)