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For the Age of Empires II article, see Spanish (Age of Empires II).
Civilization Tech Tree Strategy
Flag of New Spain
The Spanish Flag
Age of Empires III
FeaturesExperience is earned faster.
Home CitySeville
PersonalityQueen Isabella
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Seville, in turquoise

The Spanish are a European nation, most well known for having conquered much of the Americas and their defeat of Aztec and Inca empires. In the New World, the Spanish conquered Mexico (former lands of the Aztecs), Peru (largely the former Inca Empire), Florida, and many other parts of Central and South America.


The Spanish civilization is primarily an offensive civilization. They have a strong military and a stable economy, and less experience is required for each home city shipment. They will only be able to use one Factory, unless the player possesses Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. That expansion gave all European civilizations with only one factory an additional factory for balancing purposes.

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In-game dialogue language Edit

General dialogue:

  • (yes)
  • Correcto (correct)
  • ¡Hola! (hello)
  • Lo haré (I’ll do it)
  • Voy a hacerlo (I’m going to do it)
  • Preparado (Ready)
  • Leñador (a) (lumberjack)
  • Recolector (a) (collector)
  • Cazador (a) (hunter)
  • Abastecedor (a) (supplier)
  • Granjero (a) (farmer)
  • Constructor (a) (builder)
  • ¿Cuál es su comando? (What is your command?)
  • ¿Cuál es su orden? (What is your order?)
  • ¿Qué me ordena? (What is my order?)
  • ¡Al ataque! (Attack!)
  • ¡A las armas! (To arms!)


  • Estoy herido y no puedo moverme. (I'm hurt and I can’t move.)
  • Gracias por pagar mi rescate. (Thanks for paying my ransom.)
  • Ahora me siento más fuerte. (I feel stronger now.)
  • Reclamo esta tierra en nombre de España. (I claim this land in the name of Spain.)

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