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This article is about the unit in Age of Empires III. For the technology in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten, see Sipahi.
Spahi Icon
First AppearanceAge of Empires III
Melee Cavalry
Cost280 FoodIcon food
Age AvailableFortress Age
Ages fortress
Base Hit Points750
Pop. Use3
Resists10% vs. Ranged
Melee Damage35
Area of Effect3
Siege Damage28
Siege Range6
R.O.F.1.5 / 3.0 (Siege)
Train Time40 seconds
XP killed28
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The Spahi is an Ottoman heavy cavalry unit featured in Age of Empires III. It is the second strongest melee cavalry in the game, after the Mahout Lancer.

Overview Edit

The Spahi are only available from the Home City. They are effective against enemy Light Infantry and artillery, but can be countered by heavy infantry and some counter cavalry units. The Spahi fights with a mace, and deals damage over a certain area rather than a single unit. It is considered one of the most effective units in the game and can even defeat Cuirassiers in melee combat.

Spahis have a special trait; like the Explorer and his dog, they can regenerate hitpoints, allowing them to last longer in a game. Unfortunately, they can only be sent from the Home City, resulting in the maximum amount of 43 Spahis (3 with The Grand Vizier for the Ottoman Industrial Age politician and 40 from the Home City (22 during Industrial and another 18 during Imperial).


Spahis auto-upgrade on advance through the Ages. These units can have a maximum of 1612 hit points if the Imperial Age is reached.

Shipments Edit

This is a list of shipments that grant Spahis and benefit them:



"The Spahis were cavalry for two different nations. Their name derives from a Persian word for soldier, "sipahi." They were elite cavalry in the Ottoman army, performing much the same duties as the janissaries, only mounted. There were more spahi than any other cavalry in the Ottoman army. They were also Algerian cavalrymen that fought for the French in Africa. These cavalrymen revolted when the French wanted them to leave Africa to aid France in the Franco-Prussian wars.

Mounted soldiers, they wore baggy pants and riding boots. Long, heavy cloaks, turned out to show the lining, draped them shoulder to calf, and they covered their heads with turbans. Armed chiefly with swords, they also carried firearms and spears.

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