Rms sonora

Sonora is a map in Age of Empires III.

Overview Edit

Attention should be paid, as the minor native tribes were replaced by new ones in the expansions.

A twisting Trade Route winds its way through this barren, desolate region. Many cliffs and canyons create choke points. Resources can be difficult to find, though sometimes there are rich ore deposits in the center of the map. Search for natives villages on the edge of the map.

A desert with scattered cliffs and canyons that pose as interesting obstacles, allowing players to use them for defense. The cliffs around your colony form natural walls, but have plenty of openings that should be defended in some way. A turtler will find themselves starved from outside resources if they don't expand.

There are always 5 Trading Posts for the taking, giving fair amount of XP or resources.

Players start out far from animal herds, but with forage bushes close by. Finding the herds as quick as possible would be a wise choice since forage bushes gather slowly compared to hunting. Mines and wood are both plentiful, but only outside of your starting colony. A giant opening in the center of the map that's surrounded by cliffs has many, many animals for hunting, but is more vulnerable to raids than other locations.

History Edit

"Sonora is a mountainous region in northwestern Mexico that is bordered by the Gulf of California in the west, by California and Arizona to the north, and by the Mexican states of Chihuahua and Sinaloa to the east and south. Broad expanses of cactus desert stretch throughout the region. Grassy coastal plains support cattle and heavily irrigated grain and cotton farming. The mountains have many species of cactus (and, in fact, more varieties of vegetation than any other desert on Earth) that thrive in the Sonoran desert. The most of these is the massive saguaro cactus. Roadrunners, rattlesnakes, tarantulas, and hummingbirds make their homes in this arid, hostile environment.

When they entered this mountainous desert in the early sixteenth century, the Spanish encountered the native Yaqui and others who fiercely defended their lands. The efforts of Father Eusebio Kino and other missionaries in the seventeenth century promoted European settlement in the area by converting the natives to Christianity. Father Kino promoted peaceful relations with and development of the Native Americans he encountered. While he was not particularly interested in preserving their culture, he tried to protect the Sonoran natives from exploitation and slavery by the Spanish.

Trivia Edit

  • Occasionally the map may generate a large canyon that all players can see even if they have no units in there.

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