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Socotra is a Random Map in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms.

"Close quarters and nowhere to run, fight to the death on the mystical island of Socotra."

Description Edit

This map features the island of Socotra, located to the south of Yemen and to the east of the Horn of Africa. The island is very small, and completely surrounded by cliffs, while beyond these cliffs lies the Indian Ocean.

The map has a very chaotic start. Resources spawn very close to the player, and the tree lines are small. Players start with 3 Houses, 13 Villagers, and a scout.

This map is meant to exist for the purpose of playing quick matchs, and especially Deathmatches, as players are extremelly close to each other, and resources are scarce.

Environment Edit

Apart from some African fauna, namely Elephants, some Zebras and Ostriches (as well as some Goat herdables), this map features some flora endemic to Socotra, namely Dragon Trees, some of them quite similar to the Dragon Blood Trees.

Starting Resources Edit

  • Sheep: x4
  • Boar: x1
  • Deer (patch): x1 (M)
  • Berries (patch): x1 (S)
  • Gold (pile): x2 (S)
  • Stone (pile): x2 (S)
  • Trees: Less

Trivia Edit

  • It is the only Random Map set in Africa that introduces Dragon Trees rather than Acacias and/or Baobabs.

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