Snakepit mini map

Snakepit is a special map in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms.

Overview Edit

The majority of the map is covered with large jungles filled with trees. A snaked shape path runs through the entire length of the map and thus gives the map its name.

Players start out in different sections of the snake shaped path with 2 Houses provided. They can start on the Western end, Eastern end, or trapped in the center where conflict often occurs. One interesting note to the map is that players that are separated from enemy settlements between them have to fight and cross through their settlements to access them. This makes the map more suitable for team death matches and not free for all battles.

The upper portion of the map features a coast with a large ocean allowing Naval Vessels to clash. The ocean is quiet extends significantly far to the north and allows fishing and naval battles to occur.

Environment Edit

The terrain in Snakepit is similar to multiple maps featured in the expansion. The snake shaped path contains semi arid plains. Small water holes from drying ponds filled with lilies and reeds are found throughout the snake path although they contain no fish.

Players start out in either part of the Snakepit with a generous herd of 4-5 Goats nearby providing a safe and beneficial Food source. Pairs of wild Ostriches are also found near the Goats. A small group of Zebras will also be nearby the player's Town Center although they will run quite far away when hunted making them slightly dangerous source of food in free for all matches.

Compared to other maps in the expansion, Snakepit features some of the most diverse flora. A never ending supply of wood will be provided thanks to thousands of trees found in the map. Individual Dragon Trees in numbers of around 3-4 will be close to the player's starting position. Not to far away, larger canopies of Jungle Trees will thrive. Outside of the snake path, giant forests of Palm Trees and Jungle Trees will engulf the area, these forests take up the majority of the map's land area.

Stone mines will be found nearby the players Town Center providing a safe access to Stone while Gold Mines will be slightly farther away.

Similar Maps Edit

Gallery Edit

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