Siege of Athens
Siege of Athens
Scenario Info
Game EmpiresIcon Age of Empires
Campaign Glory of Greece
Civilization Greeks
Color Blue
Course of Campaign
Scenario No. 6
Previous I'll Be Back
Next Xenophon's March

Siege of Athens is the sixth map of the Glory of Greece campaign. The Athenians (Blue) must defend their homeland from the Assyrian Aegina (Brown) and the Greek Sparta (Red and Yellow).

Scenario Instructions Edit

Over the past 500 years the Greeks have grown strong at home and overseas. Their interference in Persian affairs attracted two Persian invasions, but these were turned back. Now the Greeks are squabbling at home over dividing the spoils of Mediterranean trade. Sparta and Athens are fighting for dominance. The Spartan army is approaching Athens and is too powerful now to be met in open combat. Defend the walls to delay them while the army is reinforced. Athenian farmland is outside the walls, unfortunately, so your food sources are probably lost. Use the Athenian advantage at sea to obtain food and trade overseas. The Spartans are not thought to have naval power, but that may change. When your armies have been strengthened, engage the Spartan army and drive it from your lands. The Spartans have brought a large baggage train of supplies. If that can be captured, they will be forced to fall back.

Objectives Edit

Strategy Edit

You start the mission with several Phalanxes, three Scouts, two Bowmen, a Horse Archer and a Cavalry Hero with the name "Hero 12". The Spartan army is right outside the town, so pull all soldiers and Villagers behind the walls and wait for their attack. Have the Villagers gather what there is of wood there, and train Fishing Ships for Food. Trading with the Spartan Dock to the south can give you gold.

When the Spartans attack, send the Phalanxes out to kill everything that moves, and keep the archers behind the walls and towers. Repair when your defenses are damaged.

Once the Spartan advance has been beaten back, send your forces west to find the Artifacts. Once all of them are under your control, the mission is over.

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