First AppearanceAge of Mythology
Base Hit Points20
ResistsHack (0%), Pierce (0%), Crush (0%)
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Shipwrecks are often featured in naval missions in Age of Mythology, mostly as decoration.

Overview Edit

Usually, they serve no in-game purpose, but there are two cases where approaching the Shipwrecks provides some resources; the first is in Consequences and can be found to the northernmost tip of the island. Approaching it grants 300 Wood and 200 Gold.

The second is in Greetings from Greece. Three Shipwrecks are found to the north of the player's starting position. In order to salvage them, the player has to reach line-of-sight of them with either land units or the starting Transport Ship. Reaching them grants 300 Gold.

History Edit

The Mediterranean is a tempestuous sea, so her bottom is littered with shipwrecks. Much of our information about ancient commerce has been gained from studying the cargo and other surviving artifacts from such wrecks.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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