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Civilization Greek
Age/God Archaic Age/ Hades
Unit Type Myth Unit
Cost Free
Population 1
Attack Hack Pierce Crush
6 0 0
Range 0 meters
Hit Points 90
Armour Hack Pierce Crush
20% 20% 99%
Speed 4.0 meters/second
Line of Sight 16 meters
Train at Temple
Train Time 20 seconds

Shades are free units in Age of Mythology that have a chance of being created at a Temple when a human soldier dies. They are only available to Hades followers.

In the original campaign, a type of Shade referred to as simply 'Shades', appear in a single scenario. They are similar to the Shades of Olympus, but are invisible to enemies and assist the player. Shades of Olympus appear in a Campaign scenario of The Titans expansion. They are able to kill Myth Units in a single hit, and disappear after attacking.


The dead of Greek mythology became shades, empty ghost-like shadows of their former selves. Hades' land of the dead was not necessarily a horrible place to be, but it was without honor or glory. If anything, shades were pitied more than they were feared.

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