The Settler is the main resource gatherer for most European civilizations in Age of Empires III.

Overview Edit

Settlers are relatively inexpensive units, but fragile. They are not meant for combat, but will fire weak muskets to defend themselves and others. Settlers can be used to collect Treasures. Each Civilization has a limit to the number of Settlers they can have at once. Settlers pay for themselves rather quickly, and the longer an individual Settler is alive, the more he contributes to the overall wealth of a given colony. Some Civilizations may receive Shipments of extra Settlers from the Home City, while others have to rely solely on producing them from the Town Center in the New World.

They can also be found as Treasures around the map. With the Estates card, the British can train Settlers from Manors. They can also be garrisoned inside Town Centers, Outposts and Forts to protect themselves from the enemy. A Settler is required inside a Town Center in order to attack hostile ground units.

However, if settlers are put into combat, it is best to send them into melee range. Their ranged attack is relatively weak, and they can attack faster with melee compared to ranged.

Tasks Edit

Settlers can be assigned with the following tasks:

  • Settlers can build most of the buildings given the colony has the right amount of resources, space and is at the right Age.
  • Settlers can gather food from Berry Bushes, Cherry Orchards, and huntable animals. Settlers may also be tasked to a Mill, Farm or Rice Paddy which will generate infinite Food, but at a slower rate. Alternatively, food can also be gathered from livestock.
  • Settlers can gather wood from trees which usually can be found plenty and rarely runs out. Alternatively, they can gather from Mango Groves.
  • Settlers can gather coin from Mines and tasking settlers to work on a Plantation or Rice Paddy will generate Coin, similarly to a Mill.
  • When resource shipments arrive from the Home City, they do so in the form of Crates (food), Cords (wood), and Chests (coin) at the assigned shipment arrival point, which usually is the first Town Center, but can be changed to certain other units and buildings. They must be unpacked by a gatherer (such as the Settler) in order to add them to your resources.
  • Similarly to heroes and Explorers, Settler may also collect Treasures.

Buildings Edit

Settlers can build the following buildings:

Discovery Age Edit

Colonial Age Edit

Fortress Age Edit

Imperial Age Edit

Civilization Effects Edit

  • The British get one Settler for every completed Manor House for free. With the Estates card, Settlers can be trained from them as well, but at a slower rate for every Manor House and Town Center.
  • The Dutch Settlers cost coin instead of food and gather 15% faster coin from mines. They also have a limit of 50 settlers.
  • The French train Coureur des Bois instead of Settlers, who gather faster and perform better in combat, but are more expensive and train slower.
  • The Germans can obtain Settler Wagons through Home City cards in addition to training Settlers from the Town Center. The Settler Wagons have double the hit points of a regular Settler and gathering rates similar to the French Coureur de Bois, but the same attack as regular Settlers.
  • The Ottomans spawn free settlers from the Town Center within a set timer and their limit ranges from 25, 45, 70 and 99 units depending on researched techs at the Mosque.
  • The Russian Settlers train in groups of three and are individually cheaper by 10%.

Technologies Edit

This is a list of techs that benefit Settlers in any way

Shipment Cards Edit

Most Civilizations may ship more Settlers by sending Settler cards from Home City. They can be found among the cards at the Trading Company section.

  • The Dutch, Ottomans, British, and Spanish start with a card of 2 Settlers and may further unlock 4 Settlers card. They can be sent in the Discovery and Colonial Ages, respectively.
    • With home City at level 10, the British and Spanish can further unlock cards of 3 Settlers to 5 Settlers which may be sent in the Discovery and Colonial Ages respectively. The Ottomans and Dutch stop at 3 Settlers card and have the fewest Settler Cards available.
      • At level 25, The British can unlock and send the 8 Settler card in the Fortress Age, making them having the most Settler Cards available.
  • Despite training settlers, Germans, Portuguese, and Russians don't have any Settler cards available, though the Germans do have Settler Wagon cards instead.
  • Since the French train more powerful Coureur des Bois instead, they don't have any Settler Cards at all. 

More improvements may be shipped from the Home City. They don't cost anything other than a shipment, having your Home City at a certain level and the right card unlocked. They take immediate effect upon arriving. These cards are found among the Cathedral and Manufacturing Plant sections in the Home City.

History Edit

"Highly industrious and loyal to a fault, the Settler lives to work for you. Whether it's chopping down the seventeen thousandth tree, scurrying across the map to a distant pile of silver ore, or endlessly toiling away at a mill, the Settler is ready to happily tackle any tedious task. The Settler’s hobbies include running away from enemy soldiers, getting thrown into the river by enemy cannon fire, and crochet."

Trivia Edit

  • Settlers come in the forms of men and women and the gender is randomly decided upon being trained from the Town Center. This feature is present since Age of Empires II.
  • German and Russian settlers wear thick winter clothing while Spanish, Portuguese, and Ottomans dress for sunny weather, men especially, who wear sombreros. British and Dutch men don't wear hats and are dressed lightly. They resemble the settler icon the most.
  • Settlers always speak in the same language as the playing civilization and sound modest and willing.
  • Settlers seen as Treasures (trapped by wild animals or tightened up by bandits) have the British and Dutch appearance, but upon being rescued, will immediately turn into the appearance of the Settlers/Villagers of their rescuers.
    • This is also the only way for the French, Native American and Asian civilizations to acquire normal Settlers and will sound as Coureur des Bois or Villagers, respectively. In the case of the French, it is also the only way to acquire females.

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