A beachfront Seminole settlement
Age of Empires III
ContinentNorth America
Unique UnitsSeminole Sharktooth Bowman
TechnologiesSeminole Warrior Societies
Champion Seminole
Seminole Guerrilla Wars
Seminole Bowyer
A Pirate's Help
Spanish Treasure Fleet
The Fountain of Youth
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The Seminole are a minor Native American civilization in Age of Empires III.


The Seminole are available as allies on the Bayou and Carolina skirmish maps. They are also available during the Act I: Blood campaign missions A Pirate's Help, Spanish Treasure Fleet, and The Fountain of Youth. Once a Trading Post is built at their camp, a player can recruit Seminole Sharktooth Bowmen and research available upgrades.


Seminole upgrades focus on improving anti-building attacks of the Sharktooth Bowmen and improving archer units in general.

Seminole Guerrilla Wars (Discovery Age): Grants Sharktooth Bowmen an additional x3.0 multiplier versus buildings.
Cost:200 Wood, 200 Coin

Seminole Bowyer (Discovery Age): Improves archer damage by 25%.
Cost: 300 Wood, 300 Coin

Seminole Warrior Societies (Fortress Age): Seminole attack and HP raised by 25%.
Cost: 200 Wood, 150 Coin

Seminole Champions (Industrial Age): Seminole attack and hitpoints raised by 40%.
Cost: 400 Wood, 300 Coin


  • The bowyer upgrade is very useful early in the game, especially for the Knights of St. John during Act I: Blood, as they are unable to improve their crossbowmen with home city shipments.
    • It is similarly useful for the Japanese, as their Ikko-Ikki monks are considered archers.
  • All native tribes can only be upgraded to Legendary/Exalted status at the Town Center or Capitol, they can be upgraded to Elite/Disciplined or Champion/Honored for free through some Home City shipments.
  • Civilizations can remove the upgrade gold costs, or cut the upgrade costs in half depending on their home city cards.
  • British and Japanese (Age of Empires III) benefit from bowyer to the point of breaking balance. Both Longbowmen (with the Yeomen card) and Yumi Archer can be upgraded in the last two ages, taking the roles of Skirmishers from other civilizations, which in turn do not get this comparatively cheap, strong upgrade.
  • The bowyer upgrade also affects mounted archers. This upgrade becomes insanely powerful for a Sioux player. If a Sioux player can get this upgrade early on, Bow Riders become extremely effective units. Combined with Home City Cards, Big Button upgrades, and Ranged Cavalry Caracole, the Bow Riders can have +50% attack and +25% hitpoints in the Colonial Age.

In-game dialogue Edit

They speak either Creek or Mikasuki, both Muskogean languages.

erejeta (attack)
rezou (attack)

History Edit

"The name "Seminole" derives from the Spanish word for "wild men." They were originally part of the Creek tribe in Georgia, but migrated to Florida in the eighteenth century. They sought to live in territory only loosely claimed by Spain, and tried to stay out of the path of the expanding British colonies. North Florida was also a refuge for escaped slaves, who allied with the Seminoles. British colonists, and later Americans, began encroaching into Florida seeking land and chasing escaped slaves, especially after Florida became part of the US in 1819. Small clashes erupted into the first of three wars with the United States in 1817. The Seminoles proved very tough opponents, easily slipping back into the swamps and laying careful ambushes.

Future president Andrew Jackson led an invasion of Florida that eventually defeated most of the tribe in the first war. Attempts to move the Seminoles to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) in the 1830s caused a second war to break out. It dragged on at great expense and military loss to the US, but ended with most of the Seminoles being moved west. Perhaps 500 Seminoles remained in Florida in a reserve around Lake Okeechobee. These few survivors got into a third war of mostly guerrilla action that lasted from 1855-1858.

The Florida Seminoles were eventually granted several reservations near Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades.

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