Secrets of the Titans
Location Town Center
Age MythicAge Mythic Age
Cost 800 Food
800 Wood
800 Gold
50 Favor
Time 20

Secrets of the Titans is a technology available in Age of Mythology:The Titans. It is expensive, but when it is researched, the player enters the Titan Age. This grants an extra God Power that allows the construction of a Titan Gate. Once it is built, a Titan emerges. The Titan is a massively powerful myth unit, that has a whopping 7000 HP and attack (70 hack, 70 crush), a cataclysmic special attack and near-impenetrable armor (89% crush and hack, 94% pierce). The Titan Age confers no further benefits.

Units Edit

Buildings Edit

Mythology Edit


An Atlantean Titan

The Atlanteans, once ruled by the Titans, were the only mortals who survived the Titanomachy. They survived, only to face persecution at the hands of the rash Olympians. Poseidon was given Atlantis as his kingdom and the proud Atlanteans, rather than flee their homeland, bent to the will of the new gods.

In time, Poseidon's mind was poisoned against his brother Zeus as the whisperings of Kronos and the other Titans, whose voices could still be heard in Atlantis, promised him power and dominance over lesser gods.

Their whispers told Poseidon how to breach the prison of Tartarus. His attempt brought disaster to Atlantis as Zeus struck down his brother and the passage to Tartarus that lay beneath Atlantis. The Atlanteans were exiles and renounced allegiance to any god, but they remember the whispers of the Titans....

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