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Sea Wall Constantinople

Sea Walls of Constantinople

Sea Wall Aquileia

Sea Wall of Aquileia, found in the last scenario of the Attila the Hun campaign

The Sea Wall is a defensive structure found only in the Attila the Hun campaign in Age of Empires II. It appears in the "Walls of Constantinople" and the final Attila the Hun mission in the game, together with its counterpart, the Sea Gate. It is identical in appearance to Palisade Wall. It is found to the north of Constantinople, in the harbor, and defends the city from seafaring vessels.

The Sea Wall was not available in the Scenario Editor by default, but could be unlocked using GenieEd or another DAT editor. In The Forgotten, however, it is available in the Scenario Editor.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Beta version, Sea Walls and Sea Towers were built by a "Builder Ship" unit, which could also build Docks, Sea Gates, Sea Towers, and repair ships.

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