Sea Tower
Building info
Type Tower
Introduced in ForgottenIcon The Forgotten
Size 1x1 tiles
Hit points 500
Attack 7 pierce
Attack bonuses +9 vs Ship
+1 vs Camel
Rate of Fire 2.03
Range 8
Minimum range 1
Accuracy 100%
Projectile speed 7
Melee armor 0
Pierce armor 6
Armor classes Building
Standard building
Stone defense
Line of Sight 10
The Sea Tower is an unconstructable Tower in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. Sea Towers appear in a few campaign scenarios and are available in the Scenario Editor. Normally they can only be placed in shallow and deep water, but this can be circumvented by disabling the grid placement and collison in the Scenario Editor by pressing Ctrl+S twice.

Sea Towers make an appearance in the Path of Exile scenario, when Yodit tries to escape from Gidajan. They are found in one of the three forts blocking the escape routs, more specifically, to the one in the southeast.

Sea Towers can be found in The Conquerors by extracting certain game files but cannot be found normally on default campaigns and are unavailable in the Scenario Editor.

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