The Score is a value assigned to every player in any played game in the Age of Empires series, measuring their power. It is already visible during the game, but after each game, further information becomes available in the statistics screen.

Age of Empires Edit

  • Military: Kills: 1\\2 point each, Buildings Razed: 1 point each, Generalship: #of kills - #of casualties (negative results don\'t count), Most Military Units and Towers: +25 points
  • Economy: Gold Obtained: 1\\100 of total amount of gold, Resources Tributed: 1\\60 of value, Population(Villagers, trade, transport and fishing ships): 1 point each, Most Villagers(see above): +25 points, Area Explored: 1 point for every 3% of the map explored, Most Area Explored: +25 points
  • Religion: Conversions: 2 points a conversion, Most Conversions: +25 points, Temples: 3 points each, Ruins Controlled: 10 points each, Artifacts Controlled: 10 points each, Control of All Ruins\\Artifacts: +50 points
  • Technology: Technologies Researched: 2 points each, Most Technologies Researched: +50 points, First Civilization to Bronze Age: +25 points, First Civilization to Iron Age: +25 points
  • Other:

Elimination Before Game End: -100 points, Wonders At Game End: 100 points each

Age of Empires II Edit

In Age of Empires II, the score is the sum of military, economy, technology, and society scores.

  • The military score is 20% of the resource value (cost) of all enemy units and building each player destroyed or converted.
  • The economy score is 10% of all resources each player currently has or has paid in tribute, plus 20% of the resource value of surviving units and standard buildings (except Castles and Wonders).
  • The technology score is 20% of the resource value of every technology each player has researched, plus 10 points for every 1% of the map explored.
  • The society score is 20% of the cost of the Castles and Wonders each player has constructed.

Each team has a shared team score, which is the arithmetic mean of the individual scores.

There are two game modes where the score is actually critical for winning, with the winning condition either being the first to reach a certain score or to hold the highest score after a preset timespan.

Age of Mythology Edit

Age of Empires III Edit

In Age of Empires III, the score simply measures the value of all the players assets, summing up the resource values of all units, buildings, stored resources and technologies and dividing it by 100.

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