Unfrozen Scandinavia. These fjords are a tad big.

Scandinavia is a map in Age of Empires II. It is a typically frozen map, much like its real life counterpart in Northern Europe. It's possible to track enemy foot prints, but the white also makes relics extremely hard to find.

Description Edit

Scandinavia has no Forage Bushes, but contains a lot of Deer milling around the Town Center, as well as a third Wild Boar which is absent on most maps. There are also two fjords running long ways across the edges of the map. The fish in these fjords are important, if not paramount. Wood is scattered, but somewhat plentiful. Gold is of normal variance, but stone is less abundant, putting a damper on that second Castle or third town center. Even though the fjords are vital, very little fighting is done along them (since there are 2 fjords, meaning 1 for each player/team); the majority of the conflicts will often stem from gold in the middle.

Springboard strategies typically fail in longer games due to the lack of resources. One player will be left exhausted while the other is not much better off than the other team. Instead, attempt to lure your enemy into your camp and destroy their units. A turtle would be an effective strategy to employ.

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