The Savannah Tree is a type of tree, featured in Age of Mythology.

Overview Edit

Like other trees featured in the random maps, the Savannah Tree yields 150 Wood, and can be chopped down by any Worker unit in two strikes (in one if an Egyptian player has researched Adze of Wepwawet).

They are found in three maps set in Africa; Megalopolis, Savannah, Watering Hole (Megalopolis being introduced in The Titans).

History Edit

"Trees of the African savannah are faced with a number of environmental stresses. Temperatures in sub-Saharan Africa are consistently high, and rain is seasonal. Periodic fires, as well as grazing from some of the largest herbivores on the planet, keep tree density low.

Typical trees of the African savannah include the thorny acacia and Senegal date palm. A few wild fruit trees can be found as well. In areas of deep soil or permanent lakes, trees are more diverse, but otherwise, grasses dominate the ecosystem.

Some of the adaptations these trees have evolved to prosper in a dry environment include segmented leaves, to reduce desiccation, and thorns to provide shade and deter grazers.

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