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Arabian Art
This type of Arabian art is commonly found in the Qur'an as well as mosques.
KingsIcon Age of Empires II
Architectural StyleMiddle Eastern
ContinentWest Asia & North Africa
ClassificationCamel & Naval
Unique UnitsSaracenmamluk icon Mameluke
Preferred StrategiesMonk Rush, Galley Rush, Fast Castle, Camel Rush, Cavalry Archer Rush
TechnologiesCastleAgeUnique Madrasah
Unique-tech Zealotry
MapsLand & Water
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The Wonder of the Saracens, the Great Mosque of Samarra

The Saracens (more commonly known as the Arabians or the Arabs) are a Middle Eastern civilization featured in Age of Empires II specializing in Camels and, classified as a camel-and-naval civilization, offer robust offensive capabilities on land and water. Historically, they were the dominant tribe in Western Asia and North Africa. In Saladin's campaign, they also represent medieval Egypt, specifically the Ayyubid Sultanate. Situated in the crossroads of the world, they were most notable for initiating the rise of Islam and starting the Islamic Caliphate. They occupy one of the largest territories during that time until the Mongol invasions. To reflect their achievement as a powerful desert civilization and for founding one of the major religions of the world, their unique technologies benefit their Monks and camel units including the Mameluke. They also gave importance to their navy to protect their shores from Byzantine assault, which is reflected with their naval bonus which gives their Galleys a 20% faster attack and gives them the best Transport Ships in the game, with more hitpoints and a bigger carry capacity.

The Saracens were also active traders being located at the crossroads of the world which was a prime center for world trade. As a result, their Markets is 75% cheaper, costing only 100 wood, atheir Market trading cost is only 5% which is much smaller than the other civilizations.

Overview Edit

The Saracens are a civilization with strong Camel units. The Saracen Cavalry Archer also receives a +3 attack bonus against buildings, and their team bonus gives foot archers a +1 attack boost against buildings. The Saracen heavy cavalry line is inferior to other civilizations, as they lack the Cavalier/Paladin upgrade, but all other cavalry technologies and units are available. Their unique unit is the Mameluke, a type of light camel cavalry with a large attack bonus against cavalry, also being extremely effective against buildings. They are also capable of taking down archers and light infantry as well since they deal melee damage at a distance.

The Saracens have a formidable army, since they can produce all Archer units as well as every Infantry unit trained at the Barracks, except the Halberdier. They also have access to all gunpowder units, and all Blacksmith upgrades as well. These units can provide great cover for their camel units. The Saracens are also known for their strong naval power, as their Galleys attack 20% faster than other civilisations’ galleys. They are able to produce all ships except for the Fast Fire Ship. Their transport ships are able to carry five more units than other civilizations and have twice the total Hit Points. To reflect their devotion to Islam, they have all technologies at the Monastery available. Their economy is not particularly strong since they lack the many economic upgrades, however, their Market trade cost is reduced to 5% as one of their civilization bonuses.

Unique Unit: Mameluke (anti-cavalry camel with ranged attack)
Unique Technologies: Zealotry (Camels and Mamelukes have more HP), Madrasah (33% of a Monk's gold cost are returned if the monk gets killed)

Civilization Bonuses Edit

  • Market trade cost is 5% of goods (rather than 30%)
  • Transport ships have +100% HP and +5 carry capacity
  • Galleys attack 20% faster
  • Cavalry archers have +3 attack bonus vs buildings
  • Team Bonus: Foot archers have +1 attack bonus vs buildings

Changes in The ForgottenEdit

  • Market costs -75 wood
  • Non-elite Mamelukes get +1 attack.

In-game dialogue language (Arabic)Edit

  • Na'am (نعم) (yes)
  • Salam (سلام) (hello)
  • Amron (امرٌ) (orders?)
  • Mosta'edon (مستعدٌ)/mosta'edaton (مستعدةٌ) (ready)
  • Saheeh (صحيح) (true)
  • Hassanan (حسناً) (okay)
  • Sa af'al (سأفعل) (i will do it)
  • Hattabon (ٌحطاب)/hattabaton (حطابةٌ) (woodcutter)
  • Bahithon aan el taam (باحثٌ عن الطَََعامِ)/bahithaton aan el taam (باحثةٌ عن الطعام) (searcher for food)
  • Sayyadon (ٌصياد)/sayyadaton (صيادةٌ) (hunter)
  • Sayyad samak (صيادُ سمك)/sayyadato samak (صيادة سمك)(fisher)
  • Muzare'on (مُزارعٌ)/mozaare'aton (مزارعةٌ) (farmer)
  • Amelo mangam (عامِلُ مَنجم)/amelato mangam (عًامِلةُ منجم) (miner)
  • Banna'on (بناءٌ)/banna'aton (بناءةٌ) (builder)
  • Morammemon (مرمََمٌ)/morammemmaton (مرمََمةٌ) (repairer)
  • Hojoom! (هجوم) (attack!)
  • Al quetal! (القتال) (we'll fight!)
  • Al hojoom! (الهجوم) (we attack!)


The Arabic language is unlike other languages, not unisex, so there are two titles for each assignment assigned to a villager, a title for the male and a different title for the female.


The Saracens are the only civilisation to get all seven technologies introduced in The Conquerors.

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