Salt Marsh

Salt Marsh is a Random Map in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors.

Description Edit

Salt Marsh is another part-aquatic and part-land map, that features a marshland with many shallows and navigable water at the same time. It might be considered as the first amphibious map, before the Rise of the Rajas expansion.

This map can be described briefly as "unpredictable" and "asymmetrical". While there are moderate amounts of trees, and much water, that provide some chokepoints, the shallows' placement can seem random at times, making it difficult to complete restrict enemy raids. It is highly recommended to invest in a navy, providing the waters between bases are well connected, especially Demolition Ships, which can ambush careless units that cross the shallows. Transport Ships should also be abused, as they can help forces to bypass enemy defences, and unload troops at vulnerable positions.

Huntables include Wild Boars and Deer. Τhere are also decent amounts of Forage Bushes and Sheep, while Gold and Stone amounts are moderate.

Civilizations with advantages include: 

  • Ones with decent naval bonuses, for example: Malay, Vikings.
  • Ones with access to Heavy Demolition Ships.
  • Good early, rushing civilizations, that can raid from unpredictable positions.

Gallery Edit

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