Minimap of Saguenay

Saguenay is a map in Age of Empires III.  It has abundant woods, numerous Silver Mines, and abounds with wildlife, mainly deer, elk, and moose. There are also plenty of Treasures and wild sheep roaming around the wilderness.

When starting at Discovery Age (not Nomad) or higher, the player will have a random economic building near their starting position.

In every map is a bay that contains Beluga Whales and salmon. Some of the lakes on the map have three salmon spawns where the AI may occasionally build boats and warships on them. There are also two Cree and Nootka settlements; the Nootka live in the west side and the Cree on the east.

A Trade Route is also present on this map; it will either be placed horizontally or vertically; if it is horizontally, the trade route is usually a bent arc that contains anywhere from three to five trade sites, and if vertically, three trade sites instead.

History Edit

"Saguenay is both a river and a region, Sanguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, situated on the Canadian Shield, a huge plateau of nearly bare rock and rocky soil. This is a wild and beautiful area of rugged mountainous terrain and, where the Saguenay River cuts through breathtaking fjords. The Saguenay River empties into the St. Lawrence River at the site of the early 16th century French trading post Tadoussac.

Saguenay was the name of a mythical kingdom of gold and treasures, one of dozens that early explorers believed the New World held. It is certainly a land of natural treasures and beautiful vistas. Caribou, wolves, foxes, hawks, and moose all live in the Saguenay region. The cold waters are home to beluga whales, minke whales, and harbor seals.

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