Safe Passage is an Atlantean myth technology in Age of Mythology: The Titans available to worshipers of Oranos. It grants Sky Passages a ranged attack, reduces their wood and gold cost and increases their LOS.

Effects Edit

  • Sky Passage gains a ranged attack (5 pierce, 15 range)
  • Sky Passage -25% wood cost
  • Sky Passage -20% gold cost
  • Sky Passage +6 LOS

Mythology Edit

"The sacred Sky Passages of Oranos were identified by the enemies of Atlantis as very dangerous buildings logistically because they could transport armies and Citizens instantaneously. These buildings were attacked and destroyed before all others. In response, Atlanteans becan building the Sky Passages more soundly and defending them from within. The Sky Passages were holy sites first and did not lend themselves to strong defense, the Atlanteans continued to rely on other structures and the troops transported by the Passages to defend them."

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