Sacred Cats
Introduced in Age of Mythology
Culture Egyptians
Major God RaIcon Ra
IsisIcon Isis
Age ClassicalAge Classical Age
Minor God BastIcon Bast
Researched At GranaryIcon Granary
Research Time 30 seconds
Research Cost
GoldAOM Gold 110
FavorAOM Favor 10
Effect Farm +10% gather rate

Sacred Cats is an Egyptian technology in Age of Mythology. It is available to worshipers of Bast in the Classical Age, and increases the rate at which Farm workers gather Food. In the game, it says that the Sacred Cats protect players' Farms from vermin, helping to increase the rate of food production.

Effects Edit

  • Farm +10% gather rate

History Edit

Bubastis was the center for worship of Bast, the cat-headed Egyptian goddess of fertility. Initially, her worship included the cats that inhabited her Temples, but eventually extended to all cats. Cat worship was pragmatic for the Egyptians, for the cats protected their grain stores and homes from vermin and venomous creatures. Killing a cat was considered murder; a Roman living in Alexandria discovered this when he accidentally killed a cat and was subsequently pulled from his home into the street and lynched by an angry mob of Egyptians.

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