Ruyter Icon
First AppearanceAge of Empires III
Light Cavalry
Cost30 FoodIcon food
75 CoinIcon coin
Age AvailableAges fortress Fortress Age
Base Hit Points140
Pop. Use1
Resists10% vs. Ranged
Melee Damage7
Melee Multipliers3.0x vs. Melee Cavalry
2.0x vs. Artillery
2.25x vs. Coyote Runner
Range Damage14
Range Multipliers3.0x vs. Melee Cavalry
2.0x vs. Artillery
2.25x vs. Coyote Runner
0.5x vs. Villager
Siege Damage6
Siege Range6
R.O.F.3.0 / 3.0 (Ranged/Siege)
Train Time31 seconds
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The Ruyter is a ranged cavalry unit unique to the Dutch in Age of Empires III. It is available at the Stable once the Fortress Age is reached.

Overview Edit

The Ruyter wields pistols in combat and functions as the Dutch version of the Dragoon. Ruyters works best in groups to eliminate groups of hand cavalry. This unit is also one of the Dutch royal guard units, meaning it can be upgraded higher than other Dutch units. Contrary to Dragoon, Ruyter takes only 1 population slot, making it very cost and population effective.


Ruyters can be upgraded into a Guard Ruyter and an Imperial Ruyter depending on the age reached. They can further be improved with home city shipments, minor civilization upgrades, unique Church upgrades and Arsenal upgrades.

Normal Upgrades Edit

A default Ruyter is in form of Veteran Ruyter with the following stats:

Hit Points: 168
Ranged Attack: 16
Siege Attack: 7

Carabineers, a.k.a. Carabineer Ruyters are the first available upgrade for the Ruyter and further increase hit points and attack by 10% once researched. The upgrade is available at the Stable once the Industrial Age is reached.

Hit Points: 224
Ranged Attack: 22
Siege Attack: 9
Cost: 1000 WoodResources wood and 1000 CoinIcon coin

Imperial Carabineers are the final and strongest form of the Ruyter and is the successor of the Carabineer. Imperial Carabineers have the highest amount of hit points and attack. Once researched, the attack and hit points increase by 50%. The upgrade is available at the Stable once the Imperial Age is reached.

Hit Points: 294
Ranged Attack: 29
Siege Attack: 12
Cost: 1500 WoodResources wood and 1500 CoinIcon coin

Strategy Edit

Ruyters can be used for many different purposes, most of which center around their bonus against cavalry. Early in the game enemies will likely train cavalry units to raid enemy towns before quickly retreating. This can severely hamper the player's economy and can even cause the player to potentially lose the game. Ruyters should be trained as soon as possible to repel them. Due to the Ruyter's strength against cavalry they can quickly stop enemy raiders dead in their tracks. If Ruyters are set to melee combat they are capable of quickly destroying artillery. They can also protect artillery from cavalry attacks.

It should be noted that Ruyters are significantly weaker than standard dragoon units and can be easily killed by anti-cavalry unit. Strength in numbers and a backup melee infantry to shield the Ruyters is recommended.

Home City Shipments and Upgrades Edit

  • Portuguese TEAM Early Dragoons card makes Ruyters available in Colonial Age.
  • Cavalry Combat card improves Ruyters in combat, giving them +15% of both HP and attack.
  • Riding School card reduces amount of time taken for training Ruyters by 40%.
  • Comanche Mustangs upgrade increases Ruyters speed to 7.98.

History Edit

"Ruyters were a light cavalry who used pistols as their primary weapon. These soldiers were known as "Riders," and often carried several pistols with them - even having aids or servants whose job it was to carry extra pistols - because they wouldn't have time to reload the weapons when in range. Short-range fire with pistols was often deadly, but even shots that were not immediately lethal usually killed due to infection or disease because of the state of medicine at the time. Ruyters were able to fire their relatively small arms while on the move and this mobility made them fierce combatants.

Ruyters wore light armor and carried several sets of pistols. They were known to carry sabers and axes as sidearms for use when their complement of loaded pistols had been spent.

Shipments Edit

This is a list of shipments that benefit Ruyters in any way.


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