Rms rockies

The Rockies is a map in Age of Empires III.

Map Overview Edit

The Rockies is an enclosed map; players start in the mountain range, which does not cover the northwest side of the map. On the mountain range are small clumps of trees, Bighorn Sheep, a few silver mines and some treasures. Towards the center of the map lies a fertile valley. Down in the lush green valley, there are huge forests of Spruce and Fir trees, more mines, treasures and large numbers of Pronghorn herds.

There are two sets of trade routes, both having two sites each (at each end of the range) and run parallel to each other. There are also two settlements on both sides of the mountain range; they will be either Comanche or Cheyenne. In the vanilla version of the game, the Lakota natives take place of Cheyenne.

History Edit

"The Rockies stretch 3,000 miles from Alaska and Canada to the southern border of the western United States. The tallest peak is Mount Elbert in Colorado, at 14,433 feet. Mountain goats, elk, grizzlies, coyotes, and porcupines are just a few of the animals that live in the Rocky Mountains. Trees vary widely across the entire range and include junipers, oaks, willows, firs, spruces, and pines.

Early European explorers to the area included Coronado in his search for the Seven Cities of Gold and Lewis and Clark with their Corps of Discovery. Settlers crossed the forbidding range at a number of places. The South Pass in southwestern Wyoming was used by many settlers headed to California, Oregon, and Utah following the Oregon and Mormon trails. Kicking Horse in Canada has a number of passes. The Santa Fe Trail uses a pass on the southern trailing edge of the Rockies that became a very popular western route during the gold rush of the mid-nineteenth century.

Gallery Edit

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