Robot Entertainment
Robot Entertainment Logo
TypePrivate (LLC)
PredecessorEnsemble Studios
FoundationFebruary 2009
LocationPlano, Texas
Key PeopleTony Goodman
No. Employees45
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Robot Entertainment is a gaming company created by the founders of the defunct Ensemble Studios, after being shut down by Microsoft. Other former employees of the company founded Bonfire Studios. Robot Entertainment was responsible for maintaining and updating Halo Wars and the Age of Empires franchise until January 2011.

Robot Entertainment developed Age of Empires Online until Gas Powered Games assumed their role in February. At the same time, they handed over maintenance duties of the ESO servers to Microsoft so that they could focus on their new game, Orcs Must Die!.

In 2012, the company worked on Hero Academy for the iOS platform and the sequel to Orcs Must Die. Robot Entertainment is no longer affiliated with Microsoft or the Age franchise.

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