River Nile (Full Map)

River Nile full map

"A broad river separates the desert lands of different teams."

Map description

River Nile is a random map in Age of Mythology. It represents the eponymous river, the Nile.

Overview Edit

The map is an open-spaced map, with no cliffs, low elevation and much room for maneuvers, thus it favors offensive major gods. Unlike most other Random Maps, this one is rectangular, not unlike Araucania.

It features few trees, but it also has plenty of huntables, mostly found close to the river. The river, who splits the map in various portions, depending on the number of teams present, is full of fish. This map is among the richest in food in the game, as Fish, huntables, herdables, and Berry Bushes can be found in variable amounts.

Overall, this map plays somewhat similar to the Age of Empires II version of the Highland, as the Nile splits teams in portions that need to be navigated in order to rush enemy positions. Of course, River Nile lacks shallows, and also features much richer, African fauna.

Environment Edit

A river runs across a desert with scarce palm forests, dividing it in accordance to the number of teams that play in a game. Trees are lower-than-average, with many open spaces that can make defense difficult.

A typical Egyptian map, native species to this land include variable herds of herbivores, such as Zebras, Gazelles, both found far away from the river, and Water Buffalos. River Nile also features Elephants and Hippopotamuses, a highly dangerous but still great source of Food. Crocodiles also live around the land, particularly close to the river, and are a threat to careless Workers. Vultures also fly across the land, as is the case with all African maps.

Of course, not all sources of food are dangerous; Berry Bushes, Chickens and stray Goats are all featured on this map, as are Perches, who inhabit the Nile in considerable amounts. The waters of the Nile also feature papyrus plants and water lilies, which serve decorative purposes.

Gallery Edit

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