Scenario information
Game Age of Mythology
Campaign Fall of the Trident
Civilization Greeks, Zeus
Color Blue
Course of campaign
Scenario no. 9
Previous Bad News
Next Strangers
Revelation is the ninth scenario of the Fall of the Trident campaign in Age of Mythology. The main objective is to destroy Gargarensis' ram before it breaks down the Hades Gate to Tartarus.

Summary Edit

The heroes follow Gargarensis into Erebus, the realm of Hades. A loud noise leads them to discover that the Cyclops has installed a gigantic ram in front of an even bigger door. Although they do not yet know what's beyond the door, Arkantos reasons that it would be best if the Giant Gate Ram does not break it open and immediately calls for reinforcements.

Objective Edit

Destroy the ram before it breaks down the Gate. (Some tunnels can be blocked to slow enemy attacks. Attack the large boulders at tunnel mouths to block them. Remember that your Heroes are strong against myth units.)

Players Edit

Player Edit

  • Arkantos (Zeus) – Initially starts with only Arkantos, Ajax, and Chiron, but quickly receive reinforcements.

Neutral Edit

  • Rubble (Hades) - Owns the Underworld Passage. The player's reinforcements arrive close to it.
  • Ruins (Hades) - Has scattered broken columns around the map which serves as decoration. This player also serves as a placeholder for the units that the player can claim in this scenario once found.
  • Gargarensis (Hades) - Only consists of Gargarensis himself. When the player approaches the Giant Gate Ram, he will move to an unexplored area west of the ram, then disappear.

Enemies Edit

  • Great Gate (Hades) - This player consists mainly of Myth Units, such as Cyclopses, Manticores and Chimerae, together with a cosiderable army of Hoplites. They comprise most of the enemy's starting forces, which guards the path from the Underworld passage to the GIant Gate Ram, as well as the two paths to the Boulder which can be felled

Strategy Edit

This guide is applied to hard difficulty. It is, of course, also applicable for the other grades of difficulty.

The heroes should immediately head down the path and will quickly be joined by Centaurs coming from the Underworld Passage. As always, these should be used as support to melee units. Near the ruins, players will encounter a Cyclops followed by two Manticores but the heroes will easily defeat them. Most enemies encountered here will be Myth Units so Ajax and Arkantos will need to lead all battles.

Rather than going straight for the Giant Gate Ram, players should send the army towards the stalagmites on the right. There will be more Cyclopes and a Chimera guarding a Boulder. After defeating the guards, all available units should attack the Boulder to make it collapse. Doing so will stop additional Myth Units from spawning beyond it, thus limiting the number of reinforcements Gargarensis will receive. While fighting the boulder, one Centaur can scout to the north along a small path where a Nemean Lion can be found and converted to the player’s side.

Not long after, an army of Heavy Hoplites should arrive from the Underworld Passage to assist the player. These are especially valuable as Zeus grants them the ability to deal extra damage to buildings, which is what the ram and Boulders counts as. The combined forces have one more errand to take care of before taking on the ram. Another Boulder is located north of the first one, and it is also guarded, this time by Manticores and Cyclopes. Once the guards are defeated, another unit can be sent to scout further north while the army knocks down the second Boulder. Along a narrow ledge, the scout will find three Medusae who will be the second most important units after the heroes. Shortly after, more Heavy Hoplites and Centaurs will arrive. These Centaurs can wait near the Underworld Passage while all other units can finally head for the Giant Gate Ram.

The ram is protect by Hoplites but also by Chimeras and Manticores. The Myth Units' special attacks are devastating against regular units so the heroes can once more move first to get their attention (Myth Units will not use their special attack against them). The Hoplites and Centaurs can follow to defeat all enemy soldiers while the Medusae use their gaze to petrify the Myth Units present then finally proceed to attack the Giant Gate Ram itself. If the army’s HP is relatively low, Restoration can be cast prior to attacking the ram. By now, the gate should have suffered 20% damage.

Centaurs have a ranged attack so they can keep their distance to allow melee units to get close enough to the ram. Shortly after being attacked, Gargarensis will regularly send his own reinforcements to disrupt the player’s army. The first wave will be made of more Hoplites so the heroes and Centaurs should defeat them before they can intervene. The player's next two waves of reinforcements will consist of Hippikons and Centaurs, which can join the others to the ram. As more reinforcements arrive, the player can continue to send them to join the others.

Gargarensis may follow up with attacks consisting of Myth Units such as Cyclopes and Hydras which the heroes and Medusae can also handle easily, along with one use of the Bolt god power. One or two Phoenixes may also fly around the map to disrupt reinforcements heading towards the ram, which the Centaur left behind will need to defeat. When the ram’s HP drops low enough, Gargarensis will send Villagers in an attempt to repair it. The Centaurs can easily dispose of them but if the player feels overwhelmed, they can always cast Lightning Storm to dispose of the new threats. One the ram is destroyed, the player will be rewarded with victory.

Closing cinematic Edit

Although the ram is destroyed, Gargarensis seems rather amused of Arkantos’ actions despite being warned. The Cyclops reveals that there are other ways to enter Erebus and is more than willing to leave this one closed, then triggers an Earthquake. Although the heroes, and a few other soldiers escape unharmed, most of the soldiers are presumably killed by the cave in, of the area.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of two scenarios where the Giant Gate Ram acts as the main threat. The other is Beneath the Surface.
    • An interesting detail, the Giant Gate Ram is manned by Elder Cyclopses, instead of the normal ones. This is justified by the fact they are sons of Kronos rather than Poseidon.
  • The Extended Edition version uses the "Skybox Dusk 2" lighting, instead of the original lighting.
  • The Hades Gate belongs to Mother Nature player, who interestingly randomizes itself from the three Greek Major Gods (Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades) every time the player attempts to play this campaign scenario.
    • If Mother Nature selects Zeus or Poseidon, players have approximately 16 minutes before the Giant Gate Ram breaks down the gate to Tartarus.
    • If Mother Nature selects Hades, players are more fortunate since they have approximately 18 minutes (an extra 2 minutes) to finish the scenario because of the bonus hit points Hades provides for the buildings, which the Hades Gate is counted as.
  • Despite set in the underworld (Erebus), the cheat "IN DARKEST NIGHT" can still affect the map's lighting.

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