This article is about the map in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon and Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. For the game mode in Age of Empires II, see Regicide (Game Mode).

Regicide is a random map featured in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon and Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. The goal is to kill the enemy Regent, as if he dies, the player losing him instantly loses. Unlike in Age of Empires II, Regicide is not a game mode available to all maps, but a single map.

Age of Mythology Edit

"Kill your opponent’s regent before yours meets his fate! All players start with a Fortress."

Map description
AoM Regicide

In Age of Mythology, Regicide is a random map scenario where each faction must defend their Regent hero from the opponents. Every player is divided by an extended barren trench, even between allies on the same team. Each faction's territory has a particular aesthetic: Greek land is grassy, Norse lands are snowy, Egyptians have Savannah, Atlanteans have a tropical island look, and the Chinese have a more eastern jungle appearance.

Age of Empires III Edit

Regicide- AoEIII

Regicide loading screen.

In Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties, the Regicide: Honshu map is the only map that features the game mode Regicide. In this mode, the player and all players start off in a small, walled fort, with a Town Center, a few military buildings, and a Regent's Castle. The Regent is usually garrisoned inside the Castle for protection. The objective is to kill all the enemy Regents and thus defeating all opponents. To accomplish this, the Regent's Castle usually has to be destroyed as well.

Trivia Edit

Age of Mythology Edit

  • Despite being unable to attack, Regents in have an unused attack model/animation however.
  • Despite the description the player's Fortresses, Hill Forts, Migdol Strongholds, Palaces, and Castles will not spawn.
    • Interesting enough there are no references to the Fortresses in the .xs, suggesting either the idea was scrapped, or that the Forgotten Empires falsely advertised such a feature.
    • A similar issue is prevalent with the Overgrown Temples in Old Atlantis.
  • Regicide was originally intended to be a game-mode rather than a random map in early versions of Age of Mythology.

Age of Empires III Edit

  • The Regent is reusing a Daimyo skin. This is justified, as Regicide is set in Japan.
    • Ironically, he wields a sword, but cannot fight well (causing only 10 melee damage), likely for balance reasons.

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