This article is about the game mode in Age of Empires II. For the map in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon and Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties, see Regicide (Map).

"Your King must be the last to survive. If your King dies, you're out of the game."

Age of Empires II description

A common regicide game at the start

Regicide is a game mode available in Age of Empires II. In addition to the regular Villagers, each player begins with a King. The goal of this game mode is to kill all the enemy Kings. As soon as a player loses their King, that player is instantly defeated.

On most maps, the players also start with a Castle and additional Villagers. On some maps, players are just given a Watch Tower, and sometimes, no additional building is given.

As the King can neither attack nor gather resources, it is usually best to garrison him in the Castle/tower (if available) or Town Center and guard it carefully. However, Kings move very quickly, and in the early game (where little to no enemies can catch up to his speed) Kings can be used as a secondary scout. Early-game play is otherwise usually similar to random map games, since no side has the firepower to take out the Castle or threaten the Town Center until the Castle Age is reached.

The Treason technology (available for 400 gold at the Castle in the Imperial Age) is a valuable tool in any Regicide game (and only available there), as it unveils the location of all enemy Kings for a short time. Before launching an attack on an enemy, it is best to research it beforehand in order to efficiently coordinate the attack. Treason can be researched multiple times.

Regicide Scenario Edit

Regicide Scenarios can be created using triggers. To do so, make sure to set Global Victory as Conquest and have the Allied Victory option off.

The following steps need to be done for each individual player. To begin, click on "Triggers" on the edit menu. At the top, "Scenario Triggers" are visible. Click on "New" and name it "Player (i.e. 3) King". The bottom box has the "Conditions & Effects". Click on "New Cond" and choose "Destroy Object" from the conditions list. Set that object to any unit of preference, traditionally the King (Player 3 King in this example). Make sure it is set by clicking on "Go to Object". Follow that by clicking on "New Effect", choose "Kill Object". Click on source player and choose Player 3 (make sure to do that in every effect) from the list. Directly below it is the "Object list type" choose "Units". Finally, set another effect and do exactly the same thing from the previous Effect but this time choose "buildings" instead of "Units" from the "Object List Type". Killing the "Set Object", Player 3 King, destroys all units and building which leads to the player's defeat.

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