Razzia is the fifth and final scenario of the Tariq ibn Ziyad campaign in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms. After crossing the Pyrenee mountains, the Umayyad Caliphate has reached the southwestern French region of Aquitania (Aquitaine). Under the leadership of Abd ar-Rahman al-Ghafiqi, the Caliphate seeks vengeance against the French warlords who overthrew their army ten years ago. Capturing the city of Bordeaux will destabilize the region and provide a chance to defeat the Frankish Army.

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Enemies Edit

  • Aquitanian Villages (Franks): They have three small villages near the player's starting position, each of which has a Monastery. The player's initial objective is to scare these villages into submission by destroying their Monasteries. The player will get 500 gold as loot for each Monastery they destroy. Each village has a small army protecting the Monastery but it will be no match for the player's initial army and will be defeated easily.
  • Bordeaux (Franks): They have a well fortified base and a strong navy along the coast of the Bay of Biscay. They mainly train Paladins, Light Cavalry, Elite Skirmishers and Elite Throwing Axemen and will try to attack the player's base with small raiding parties of Elite Throwing Axemen and Long Swordsmen.
  • Frankish Army (Franks): They have their main base at the northern edge of the map along with two smaller fortresses along a river. They will also be making a navy at these encampments but it won't be as large and powerful as Bordeaux's navy. They will mainly train Paladins, Pikemen, Elite Throwing Axemen and Elite Skirmishers. The player should be wary of them as they will be sending groups of Paladins and Elite Throwing Axemen quite frequently to the player's base.

Strategy Edit

The player starts at a camp near the southeastern edge of the map, with a pretty big army of cavalry and ranged units along with Elite Huskarls. The initial objective is to destroy the Monastery at all three of the Aquitanian Village. It is good to begin with the village at the center since it is the strongest out of the three. Once the player reaches the village, they will be countered by a Feudal Age army along with two or three Knights. The player should have no problem facing them, after which the player should aim for the Monastery. Once the Monastery is down, the player will get 500 gold as loot. Soon after destroying the Monastery, return to the base as a group of Paladins from the Frankish Army will soon reach the village.

After that, go to the village on the right since it is the next strongest. Again, the player will face a Feudal Age army which will go down easily. Destroy the Monastery and come back quickly to the base because Paladins from the Frankish Army will approach the village after the Monastery is destroyed. Once back at the camp, go for the remaining village on the left, destroy their Monastery and come back to the base quickly to avoid the Paladins.

After destroying all three Monasteries, the player will get a Transport Ship with five Villagers on board. There are two places on the map which are ideal starting locations - one at the western edge and another one at the southern edge of the map. It is advised that the player start their base at the southern edge because not only will it provide an access to the Bay of Biscay but it is also further away from both enemy cities and thus safer.

The player should bring all of their units away from the camp to the southern edge of the map because initial raiding parties of Bordeaux and Frankish Army will aim for the buildings at the starting camp. While they are busy attacking the starting camp, the player should build a Town Center. There are gold and stone mines nearby along with berry bushes and trees so the player should get their economy going. Build a two or three Docks near the base as soon as enough wood has been collected. The Bordeaux navy might attack these Docks so start making War Galleys as well. Once the player has enough War Galleys, they can start making Fishing Ships.

The player should be careful because the group of Paladins which came after destroying the left Aquitanian Villages' Monastery is still there and is very close to the player's base. There are 12 Paladins (which, oddly enough, have converted from Frankish Army to Aquitanian Villages) and as soon as the player has enough resources, they should make Pikemen and Heavy Camels to get rid of them. There is also a Relic near the player's base so the player should make a Monastery and train a Monk to pick up the relic and drop it at the Monastery. This Monk can heal injured soldiers too, if any.

Soon, the player should be ready to attack Bordeaux. Since gunpowder units are disabled, the player should make a Castle and train Trebuchets (minimum of six Trebuchets are required so that they can one-shot most buildings). The army should comprise mostly of anti-cavalry units like Pikemen and Heavy Camels along with Knights. The player should also use their navy to provide support from the water. Use the Trebuchets to destroy the Castle by the coast of the sea so that the player's Galleons are safe and then use the Galleons to attack Bordeaux's Docks. Make five to six Stables and keep queueing up Knights and Camels at them and send them to help the rest of the army. Protect the Trebuchets and use them to destroy the military buildings of Bordeaux so that they can't produce more units. Eventually, Bordeaux will come down.

After Bordeaux surrenders, the entire Bay of Biscay belongs to the player. Build Docks inside the city of Bordeaux and make lots of Fishing Ships so that food can accumulate fast. The player should also make a secondary base inside Bordeaux, with lots of Stables, Barracks and one or two Castles so that troops don't have to cover the entire distance. There is also another Relic to the north of Bordeaux which can now be collected.

Now it's time to attack the Frankish Army's base. The player has to destroy both their main base to the north as well as their two encampments along the river for them to surrender. It will be better to start with their main base first, so that most of their military buildings are destroyed, which will severely hamper their unit production capability. Their main base has two Castles, a Fortress and lots of military buildings. Again, the army should mostly comprise of Pikemen, Camels and Knights. Take all the Trebuchets the player has and destroy the Fortress on the edge of their base, then open a hole in their walls. Aim for their military buildings and use Trebuchets to attack their Castles, keeping other units away from it. Don't forget to queue Knights at the Stables back at Bordeaux. Once all of their military buildings are destroyed, the player should bring all of their units out of there.

Now aim for the two smaller encampments. They should not be a problem at all - they only have one Castle each and a few soldiers to guard it. The player can also bring their navy to help attack these encampments. Once both of the encampments have been destroyed, Frankish Army will surrender and the player will be victorious.

Trivia Edit

  • This scenario depicts the Battle of the River Garonne, where Abdul Rahman al-Ghafiqi leads Umayyad forces against Bordeaux and an Aquitainian (Frankish) army led by Duke Odo of Aquitaine. Al-Ghafiqi defeated Odo, which forced him to submit to his neighbour, King Charles Martel of the Frankish Kingdoms. Odo's submission led Charles Martel to organise his army to attack Al-Ghafiqi in the Battle of Tours (Tours scenario in the Battles of the Conquerors) which the Franks won and al-Ghafiqi defeated and killed.