Ravens are large black birds of the crow family. In Age of Mythology, they are Norse myth units exclusive to Odin players.

Strategy Edit

Two appear for free above the player's Temple at the start of the Classical Age, or as soon as the Temple is built in the Extended Edition. They have a decent Line of Sight, and as flying units, they can bypass obstacles that ground units would find impassable. They are very useful, as the Norse otherwise lack a dedicated scouting unit. Norse players typically use an Ulfsark for scouting early on, but Ravens free up the Ulfsark to build or serve in combat. If one of the Ravens is killed, it will re-spawn 2 minutes 50 seconds later at the player's starting Temple. When used for scouting, players should ensure the Raven remains in constant movement. Leaving one hovering above a group of Worker units may give away one's intention of raiding.

Mythology Edit

Scientific name -- Corvus corax
Size -- 24" long, 50" wingspan
Diet -- insects, seeds, carrion, eggs

Huginn and Munnin are Odin's Ravens. They fly around the world, bringing back information. If they are killed, they will eventually re-form back at Odin's Temple.

Odin, the chief god of Asgard, was blinded in one eye. To compensate and keep aware of all that is happening in the nine worlds, each morning he sends out his two ravens, Huginn (thought) and Munin (memory), who see everything. In the evening, they fly home and perch on his shoulders, and whisper into his ears all that they saw.

Trivia Edit

  • The Ravens have the lowest HP of all Myth Units.

Gallery Edit

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