The Rate of Fire, or ROF. is the determinant of the speed at which a unit attacks. It is a measurement of time between two attacks. A unit with an ROF of 3 will attack every 3 seconds. The lower the Rate of Fire, the faster it attacks. Thus, a lower Rate of Fire is better.

Age of Empires Edit

Most infantry and cavalry units in the game have a fast ROF, as well as the Scout Ship line and the Helepolis. The Stone Thrower line, on the the other hand has slow ROF, and so does the Catapult Trireme and the Juggernaut, whereas the Ballista (Age of Empires) has medium ROF.

The unit with the fastest ROF is the Fire Galley, which coupled with its large attack, means that it can easily fell ships in groups.

These civilizations have bonuses related to ROF:

Age of Empires II Edit

Most units have a ROF of 2.0 or slightly less or more. Units with heavy attack, including siege weapons, usually have a lower ROF, going from 3.49 for a Hand Cannoneer up to 10 for a Trebuchet. The following different values for ROF are also possible for militairy units:

1.7 (Elite Cataphract) 1.8 (Cataphract, (Elite) Magyar Huszar, Knight/Cavalier) 1.9 (Condottiero, Hussar, (Elite) Samurai (without civilization bonus), Paladin) 3.0 (Elite Skirmisher) 3.49 (Hand Cannoneer) 6.0 (Mangonel)

Age of Mythology Edit

Rate of Fire is also present in Age of Mythology but is instead divided into two factors: Rate, and AnimationRate in a unit's anim.txt file, all units have a rate of 5, however it is unknown whether or not this truly effects a units rate of fire. Otherwise Rate of Fire is dependent on the AnimationRate (which is normally defined in the unit's model files), and this can be affected by technologies (although such technologies don't exist in the base game or its expansions).

Age of Empires IIIEdit

Most ranged units such as Musketeers have a ROF of 3 for their ranged attacks. All ranged cavalry with bows, such as the Bow Rider and Cavalry Archer have an ROF of 1.5. All melee attacks have an ROF of 1.5, and cannons ROF are normally in the ballpark of 4-6, but not always. The Chinese Flamethrower is a very special case, having an ROF of 0.5.

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