Ransom at Ctesiphon (Ctesiphon in the original) is the third scenario of the Pax Romana campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. The Romans must recover their treasures from bandits and deliver them to Ctesiphon.

Scenario Instructions Edit

After some 500 years of gradual recovery from Alexander's conquest and Greek rule, Persia has revived as a world power and now threatens the eastern flank of the Roman Empire. Emperor Valerian, "Restorer of the Orient", set out to conquer the Sassanids, who now rule nearly all the land between Mesopotamia and India. After a brief campaign against the Persian King Shapur I, Valerian was captured and held prisoner in the Persian capital of Ctesiphon.

A caravan of gold and precious goods was dispatched to Ctesiphon to ransom Valerian and ease tensions between the Persians and Romans. The cavaran was ambushed, however, and the ransom stolen. Parthian and Palmyran bandits still hold hidden enclaves in the Zagros Mountains. You are to restore order in this area, recover the ransom, and deliver it to Ctesiphon.

Objectives Edit

  • Recapture the three wagons (Artifacts) and deliver them to the palace (foot of the Wonder) in Ctesiphon.
  • Destroy all Palmyran and Parthian Stables.

Strategy Edit

You start off with a group of soldiers to the northwest, and a cavaran under attack at the center of the map. The caravan will be destroyed in seconds. Take your soldiers south, until you find a Granary and three Villagers. Start building a base.

There's four other players in this scenario. Sasanian (orange, Persians) are your allies, so fortunately, you won't have to fight them. Parthian (red, Persians), Palmyran (yellow, Palmyrans) and Persian raider (brown, Persians) are your enemies.

Roman Sentry Towers cost only half the original price, use this to your advantage and build lots of them, as you'll be attacked soon. Train soldiers. You'll face lots of Horse Archers, so train Cavalry to chase them down. The first Artifact  is the one in your original caravan, found at the center of the map. The second is to the far north, in the red town, and the third is found west of that, protected by brown towers.

You'll have to pass through the enemy towns to get the artifacts, so take your time and level them, so they won't bother you again. Once you acquire the Artifacts, keep them at the back of your army, with a few guards. If the artifact gets converted by your ally, you will need to kill the allied unit that converted the artifact in order to get it back. In the original non-definitive edition, the ally will not retaliate if you change diplomacy and attack his units.